“Wandermere: Spokane’s Family Playground” – Ep11 of the King’s Guide

On episode 11 of the King’s Guide, Chuck King welcomes West Valley school teacher, Ty Brown, whose family has operated Wandermere Golf Course for five generations. With never-seen-before family video and photographs, Ty shares the history of Wandermere, including the attractions of the tobaggan hill, ski jump, and more.

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One Reply to ““Wandermere: Spokane’s Family Playground” – Ep11 of the King’s Guide”

  1. Love this segment, I know the family personally, but it is always good to read the “rest of the story”, and the King’s Guide is such an asset to the Nostalgia Magazine… thanks to all who make this happen. Ty, you did a great job… looking forward to the book!

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