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Below are the stories we have run in past issues of Nostalgia Magazine. If you would like to order any of these back issues, please call the Nostalgia Magazine office at (509) 443-3678.

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November/December 2010

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The Engine That Couldn't
Alfred Hensel worked as a Rail Mal Carrier on the Northern Pacific Railroad in the early 1900s.
by Keith L. Yates
Ode To A Cinque O Generian
A poem on old age.
by Dale Shute
Working at the Ridpath Hotel
Memories from 1957 working as a bus boy for Colonel Primeau and Chef Otto.
by Darryl Dickey
If We Didn't Have It We Used...
A comparison of of old household items to modern conveniences.
by Leone A. Browning
The Day the Washer Took a Hike
Plumbing in a new washer in the 1950s only to find it moving across the room.
by Roxie Olmstead
Colonel Morrison's Vision of Fairfield
What began as Truax then Regis, the town of Fairfield began in 1878.
by Chandra Logan
Our Miracle Goat
Desperate for food and milk during the Depression, a stray goat shows up providing needed nutrition. The family operated C.C. Clark Sawmill on Deer Valley Road near Newport.
by Faith McClenny
The Natatorium Jack Rabbit
Beginning in 1905, the roller coaster at Nat Park was always a favorite attraction until its demise in 1968.
by Daarin Z. Krogh
Rockwood Manor: Looking Back Fifty Years
From ground breaking in 1959, a modern retirement facility is built.
by Dr. Brian Shute
Undefeated and Unscored On
The 1941 Riverside High School football team totaled a 91-0 record for the season.
by Ida Ovnicek
Early Aviation History of Lewiston
James Baldwin and Bill Bailey started flying in 1931.
by Jerry Turner
Nostalgia Letterboxing
An old-time adventure of hide-and-seek game is started by Nostalgia Magazine in Spokane.
by Dr. Brian Shute

September/October 2010

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Moving the Clayton Grange Hall
Moving the historic Clayton Grange #456 to Warren Nord's place in 1958.
by Wally Lee Parker
In My Hometown
Nostalgic memories of fresh milk delivery, pumping your own gas, friendly smiles from neighbors and a simplier life.
by Penny Smith
The Ol' Swimmin Hole
Learning to swim in Cowiche, near Yakima in the summers of the 1930s.
by Del Muse
Our Home-Made Race Track
Building wagons from spare parts and a race trck down a steep winding road.
Daniel B. Wilson
I Will Even Eat Boiled Cabbage
When mom lost her purse, there was no money for food. Joing together the family decided to make do with what they could find.
by Lillian Decker
Airplanes Race to Spokane
Memories of the 1927 National Air Derby air races from New York to Spokane and then on to San Francisco.
by Dr. Brian Shute
The Desert Hotel
Built in 1905 in downtown Coeur d'Alene, the Desert boasted 100 rooms with spectacular views of lake Coeur d'Alene.
by George LePard
The Legacy of Drumheller Springs
A natural spring supplied water to Indians, stockmen, soldiers, missionaries and citizens of Spokane on this historical trail from the Spokane River to the Spokane House.
by Mike Brambley
My Secret Hiding Place at Drumheller Springs
Hiding in the brush where Chief Spokan Garry's school house once stood.
by Darryl Dickey
What a Dump
Living in a run down apartment in downtown Spokane during the depression.
by Arlene Goodrich Rowles

July/August 2010

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Please Write Soon
Training a child in the art of letter writing.
by James A. Nelson
My Model T Ford Coupe
Painting slogans on his 1927 Ford Coupe made for a unique looking car around Central Valley High School during the World War II.
by Keith L. Yates
A Boy Scout's Experiences
Begging Mom and Dad to let him join the Boy Scouts in 1937 with the family heavily in debt from the purchase of new farming equipment.
by Jennell Branson
Camp Sweyolakan
Since 1922, young people from the Inland Northwest have been enjoying wonderful outdoor experiences at Camp Sweyolakan on Lake Coeur d'Alene.
by Elizabeth Giles-O'Brien
Aunt Fern is Here. Run!
A strong-willed child and an old sourpuss Aunt clash.
by Betty Jean McDow
The People's History of Stevens County
A look at the some of the families who first settled in Stevens County.
by Doris Winskie
Magic Stories
The tale of hiring a young man to take the fathers spot in the Civil War.
by Christine Wingate
The Summer Campout
Favorite memories from the family campouts in the mid 1950s.
by Douglas Raymond Rose
Boy Shot In Bed
In 1946, Don was grazed by a stray bullet while sleeping.
by Don Jacobson
Preaching the Gospel Fearlessly
Fond memories from the country church pastor and sermons.
by Peter K. Johnson
A Summer of Fishing & Hiking
The summer of 1947 found the Sullivan family in Glacier National Park while Dad worked.
by Maribel Sullivan
A Jewell of a Drive-In
The Ownbey's Drive-In Theater in Pend Oreille County.
by Rolin Miller
Marching Out of the Military
Marching with the 161st Infantry Regiment of the Washington Army National Guard unit in 1953.
by Kurt Kromholtz

May/June 2010

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100 Year Old Fairfield Parade
Fairfield celebtrates Flag Day for the past 100 years.
Hillyard Is Buring
Hillyard High School burns down January, 1931.
by Darin Krogh
Summer Beach Life in 1944
Spending endless summer days on the beach.
by Jim Scott
My Secret Cowboy Life
Living the adventures of cowboys through the pages of Western pulps.
by John Dinan
Family Game Night: Huggin' The Rail
A motorcar racetrack board game full of strategy.
by Mark Bordsen
A Trip to the New Frontier
Traveling by immigrant train to Washigton Territory for a new start in 1882.
by Edward T. Russell
Racing More Than Toy Boats
Racing boats around Coeur d'Alene Lake, Hauser Lake and the surrounding area.
by Roy Mackey
A Ten Horse Farm
It was 1934, the world was deep in the Great Depression and farming was a day-by-day struggle
by J.A. Gray
Log Cabin Getaway
A one-room log cabin at Sacheen Lake in the 1960s provided summer fun.
by Arlene Goodrich Rowles
A Bottle of Gunpowder
A whiskey bottle full of fake gunpowder empties the barbershop.
by Phyllis Burrows
Forbidden Sweet
Stealing candy from the gas station store.
by Sheron Donahue
Guarding the Railroad Tunnels
Local citizens arm themselves to guard the Great Northern Railroad tunnels in Scotia Valley and near Chain Lakes.
by Glen Shivley
Main Street Life of a Pioneer Town
A look at life along Main Street in Colville in the early 1920s.
by Shirley Dodson

March/April 2010

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A Spokane Election Un-Counted
A drifter in 1900 is put on the ballot as a joke, only to win, had a strict count been made.
by Rev. Jonathan Edwards
Strawberries for a Model T
Selling strawberries earns Grant a Model T. He then started the Antique Auto Ranch selling car parts around the country.
by Grant Lundin
Listen to the Prairie
Re-living memories on country drives through the Palouse.
by Judy Palpant
A Polio Pioneer Test Child
The first of school kids receiving their Polio shots in 1954.
by Susan Decuir
Family Game Night: Star Reporter
A board game acting out the adventures of a reporter as he travels the country
by Mark Bordsen
The Centerpiece of Farm Life
The family barn served both function and fun in the 1950s.>
by Tom Kovach
City Girl Goes Country Living
A city gal goes to Curlew to visit cousins living on the farm.
by Marianne Hutson
Americans in Concentration Camps
A glimpse into the Japanese Internment Camp at Manzanar War Relocation Center.
by Dr. Brian Shute
Adventures in My Red Wagon
Traveling the city streets in a red Radio Flyer wagon. A brief history of the Radio Flyer Wagon.
by James A. Nelson
The Ford Mustang Family
History of the Ford Mustang, The Boss 429 and the Mach 1.
by Rick Neet
Homesteading A Farm
Survival at Mountain Home, Idaho and the Camas Prairie area meant hard work for the Braucht family.
by David L. Braucht
Living in Trailerville
A student housing area near the campus of Eastern Washington College of Education in Cheney.
by Del Muse

January/February 2010

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The Beginning of Spokan Falls
The year 1879 brought much excitement with the survey of the Northern Pacific Railroad with prospects of speedy construction.
by Rev. Jonathan Edwards
The Crescent's Lasting Legacy
Doris Pickerel and Sarah Keenan recall the Crescent.
by Samantha Keenan
The Handiest Horse I Ever Had>
Winder sleigh rides in Bridgeport.
by Birdie Hensley
Family Game Night: Mr. Ree
A detective game of mystery as you travel around the house looking for a murder.
by Mark Bordsen
Driving the American Dream
The girls were on the side of the road wearing their boy's letterman's jacket as the roar of car racing went by on the country road in the 1950s.
by Chloe Dye
A Little Girl's First Boat Ride
Traveling to the Oregon coast to visit grandparents and taking a boat ride.
by Leanna Nicodemus
Washington's Worst Train Disaster
Multiple avalanches bury a Great Northern train killing 96 near the Cascade Tunnel.
by Winifred Crowley
A Mail Order Murder
A young lady placing a personal classified ad in a newspaper attracts the attention of an evil man in 1928.
by Darin Z. Krogh
Our Beautiful Dresses
Mom made dresses for the Presbyterian Church Pageant in 1924 for her two daughters.
by Lillian Bonnie Burke
Chevrolet's Red-Hot Hill-Flattener
The 1955 Chevrolet.
by Rick Neet
Building Nucler Blast Detectors
Working at Tecto Electronics, Harold builds a devise to detect the light of a nuclear blast.
by Harold Curryer
Ski-Mor Ski Area
The 1930s ski resort on Browne's Mountain in the Spokane Valley built by Will Schaefer.
by Natalie Johnson

December 2009

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One Last Ride on a Sleigh
Watching great-grandmothers coffin being pulled through the snow by a horse to her burial site in Council, Idaho
by Quentin R. Higgins
To Much Snow for Santa
There was so much snow in Sprindale in the early 1950s that dad could not get out to buy us presents.
Sharon Nilson
Dissolving a Problem At School
Adding copper sulphate to an inkwell at Moran Grade School in the 1940s took care of a lot of pens.
by Don A. Jacobson
Learning the Three "R's"
My favorite teacher Miss V.V. Cavanaugh and her strict manners.
by Jean Adams
Spokane's First "Baby Spokane."
Blue Bell milk bottles had my baby picture on the paper cap in 1926 advertising me as the first "Baby Spokane" winner.
Ken Moore
Workin on the Railroad… My Ticket to College
In the summer of 1955 I worked for Perry's Food shop and then as a section-gang on the Great Northern.
Kurt Kromholtz
Searching for a Television Signal
Plowing through the snow in 1955 in search of a spot that would receive a TV signal.
Jennell E. Branson
A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
Hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor during church services at Opportunity Christian Church
by Keith L. Yates

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December 2008

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A Pickup Full of Bears
Loggers find a bear den and put one of the cubs in a pickup only to have it awaken from the heat.
by Jennell Branson
The Barton Family Players
Jess Barton band and family play at the Half Moon Grange and other venues.
by Barbara McBride
Can You Go Home Again?
Revisiting my hometown in Lewiston, Idaho.
by Claudine Pearson Luppi
My Sister's Big Catch
Outfishing the others in the family on an outing at Grays Harbor and Westport.
by Richard Reidburn
Ordering a Sears Girl
A joke about ordering a model from a Sears catalog.
by Phyllis Cline
Yeoman Skills Lasted a Lifetime
My cleark duties in the Navy.
by Keith L. Yates
Typing My Way Through War
Puttig my typing skills to use in the Army running the teletype machine.
by Owen Rasmussen
A Yellow Raodgrader
All I wanted for Christmas was a roadgrader only to sell it shortly after my purchase.
by Jack Hordemann
Neighborhood Caroling
Chritmas caroling from a horse drawn sleigh owned by Abe Frederking.
by Colleen Birchill
Entertaining With My First Car
Roger Berger doesn't follow all the rules with his first car./dd>
by Stephanie Regalado
Waiting For Santa
Putting out the cookies and waiting for a visit from Santa.
by Joan Meade Morse
Christmas Past
Gathering together as a family was a special time at Christmas.
by Glory Pearson Peel

November 2008

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Car Tire Kicking Fever
Dad loved to go car shopping on east Sprague and we kids "got" to go along.
by Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Ensuring a Safe Supply of Blood
Beginning in 1945, the Inland Northwest Blood Center started collecting blood in glass jars in the historic Fernwell Building.
by Paul Oleniacz
Favorite Pictures of a Favorite Season
Fall photos from the Hooper farm north of Colville in 1952.
by Artye Lee Scott
The Wild West in Deer Park
The Thomas Zimmerer family comes to Deer Park in 1908.
by Roxanne Camp
Entertaining The Neighborhood Gang
Lik-M-Ade, licorice wheels, Chum Gum and penny candy were the summer favorites.
by Cynthia Siegfried
Eye Witness to History: The Building of Grand Coulee Dam
Working as a telegraph operator and Station Agent at the Northern Pacific Depot in Almira offered William Kreitz a unique view of the building of Grand Coulee Dam.
by Mark Sundquist
Getting Kicked Into Music
Bud Burrows and the Far West Boys country band began in 1949 before a live radio audience on KGA. He became the first local country star to sign a TV show with KREM-TV.
by Nancy Nolan
My First Real Job: Building Wandermere Golf Course
Working for $150 a month, Dick spent his summer months at Wandermere Golf Course.
by Richard Krutch
Moab: An Early Inland Northwest Town
The present day Newman Lake and Liberty Lake, once were called Moab and Grier Lake.
by Keith L. Yates
The Creepy Old Mansion and the Ghost
At $7 a month in 1928, the Healy Mansion seemed to be haunted to a four year old.
by Harriet Adams

October 2008

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Going to WSC on the Cougar Special
Traveling on the Northern Pacific to Pullman cost from $1.80 to an expensive $16.50 for a room for five in the late 1940s.
by Gene Woodwick
The Spokane Valley Inter-Church Youth Fellowship
The joining of Opportunity Christian Church, Opportunity Presbyterian Church, Spokane Valley Baptist Church, and Opportunity Methodist Church.
by Keith L. Yates
My First Car and First 'Love'
Hot rods like the 1932 Ford Four-Door Sedan modified to race at the Deer Park Race Track.
by Jack Hordemann
Movie Shows for 20 Cents
A look back at the Liberty Theatre, The Rex Theatre and other downtown Spokane theaters.
by Kurt Kromholtz
The Edwall School District
History of the Edwall school from 1894.
by Polly Robinson Cunningham
Baby Boomers Bloom
Leading Boy Scout Troop 191
by Jack Rogers
Stealing From My Teacher
Stealing $10 from the teachers purse at McKinley Elementary School in 1945.
by Jeannette Smith
Spokane and the American Dream
From Italy to Spokane, the Santora family makes many friends.
by Glory Pearson Peel
The Decline of Gregg Shorthand
Learning shorthand in school let to many opportunities.
by Joan Flickinger
Lidgerwood Boys Club
The start of the boys club in our home in 1947.
by Bob Robertson
The Job Shop
Working for the Spokesman-Review after graduating from high school in 1950.
by Patricia R. Lewis

September 2008

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The Piano Lady
Playing the piano at J.J. Newberry's store to sell sheet music.
by James A. Nelson
Minnehaha School
The beginning of Cooper Elementary School from 1895.
by Amy Whisenand
A Frozen Deer Brings Warm Memories of Grandpa Bill
William McBride made sure his family had many opportunities to hunt, fish, and camp.
by Paul McBride
My Biggest Catch
Catching a steelhead trout on the Snake River in 1953.
by Mike Gould
Flying High With Ralph & Bob Hewes
After the War, the Hewes brothers started giving flying lessons at Colville. They eventually started the Hewescraft Boat Company.
by Katie Hewes Marabello
Playing the Picture Shows at the Pix Theater
Running the projectors at the Pix Theater in Cheney in 1953.
by Kyle Pugh, Jr.
Over the River and Through the Woods
Taking trips when we could afford the gas in the early 1940s.
by Artye Lee Scott
The Snake River Tramways
Moving the wheat harvest from the Palouse down to the Snake River by a tramway.
by Willard Pennell and Jennell Branson
Lake of the Spirits
The history of Spirit Lake, Idaho
by Lucas Beechinor
It Happened in Our Very Own Living Room
The teachers Bridge Club from Oakesdale School meet in our home in the 1930s.
by Rosemary Henrickson

August 2008

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Dogs Who Have Owned Us
The family dog has been part of the family since 1949.
by Bernice Beyer
The Tents
Col. George Oliver and his family.
by Maarilyn Smith
Pioneer Grandma Walker
Martha Walker raised five children after her husband was bucked off a horse and died in 1926.
by loren G. Guenther
The Buckleys in Hillyard
Ralph and Arthur Buckley arrive in Hillyard in 1902.
by Rae Anna Victor
Sheriff Ralph Buckley
Spokane County Sheriff in 1936.
by Rae Anna Victor
Delivering the Mail at Ford
John Hutchins was the first postmaster at Curby in 1902.
by Barbara Schulte>
The 84th Fighter Squadron at Geiger Air Force Base
Stationed at the base from 1960 to 1963.
by Joe Piazza
Counting Maggots
Selling fish bait in 1933.
by Ila Van Stone
Building An Airplane
Brothers Hugh and Earl Kraemer build an airplane from scrap barn wood in the 1930s.
by Amy Whisenand
A Fishing Family
The Ames family and their fish catch.
by Mary Lou Granger Ames
The Best Bloomsday I Never Ran
Skipping the first Bloomsday run in favor of a fishing outing.
by Jim Williams
Going to Girl Scout Camp
Attending Camp Four Echoes in 1956 for the first time.
by Connie Charlton Kimball
Handy Corner Grocery
the mom and pop store in Spokane was a favorite.
by Archie Cress
A Covered Wagon Adventure
Cecil McDonald brings his family from Canada to Spokane by covered wagon in 1928.
by Harriet M. Adams

July 2008

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A Little Bit of Everything
A July 4th tradition at the Larry D'Hondt family farm north of Spangle in the mid-1950s.
by Amy Whisenand
Summer Camp at Pinelow
Memories of Pinelow at Deer Lake starting in 1952.
by Roxanne Zimmerer Camp
The All-America Track Star That Was Forgotten
Melvin (Pat) Pettichord from Garfield was a world class athlete in 1933.
by Willard Pennell
When Jukeboxes Were Popular
The 1940s golden age of the the jukebox.
by Keith L. Yates
Working the Fountain With Dad
Working a soda fountain and gift shop outside the Old National Bank building in 1941.
by Jane Powell Oakley
Secret Trap Door at North Central
Exploring a hidden room under the floor at N.C. in 1948.
by Bernice Beyer
A Diamond Lake View
Camp Diamond Resort on Sunset Beach in 1947.
by Edna Worthington Fruit
Fond Memories of Diamond Lake
Memories from the 1930s to the 1940s at Camp Diamond and Diamond Lake
by Evelyn Stanley Morelli
Paradise Beach
A summer in Paradise in 1936.
by Bud Shaw
A Priest Lake Adventure
Boating on Priest Lake in 1965.
by Artye Lee Scott
This is a Honeymoon?
Trying to find the right honeymoon cabin at Diamond Lake in 1944.
by Robert L. Hopp
Building an Indian Friendship
Easing tensions with the Cayuse Indians in 1847 around Walla Walla.
by Paul Franzmann
Dancing at Lewis & Clark
Favorite dances at Lewis & Clark High School in the 1960s.
by Suzanne Gaylord Patneaude
Queen For A Day
A popular radio show in 1945 brings tears to a family.
by Mary Chandler

June 2008

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We Had Places To Go
Three North Central buddies, Bob Bowles, Kevin Healy, and Sonny Thrush pool all their money to buy a 1928 Model A for $50 in 1953.
by Stephanie Regalado
A Polka Dot Food Store
The neighborhood store operated by Art Gillette.
by Joan Meade Morse
When Gonzaga Prep Was Gonzaga High
Starting my freshman year at Gonzaga High in 1951.
by Kurt Kromholtz
Working at the Spokane Cycle and Toy Shop
Working at the cycle shop during high school years.
by Gerald Minden
A Jig and a Poem
Lovell Blodgett and his brother Al, start Blodgett Merchantile.
by Margaret Blodgett
Fishing With Grandfather at Rocky Point
Favorite fishing spot with Grandfather in the 1950s.
by Linda Piazza
We Had Little Money, But Love
Dad did a lot of walking to work because he didnt have the 10 cents for a bus pass.
by Doris Meredith Sims
Meyers Falls
Lost to the flood waters of Grand Coulee Dam, Meyers Falls becomes Kettle Falls.
by Lucas Beechinor
A Father's Day of Terror
Mom's rampage was directed at an intruding spider that landed on Dad.
by Carol McAdams
Sitting on Daddy's Leg Bench
Polio does not slow down Calvert Meade.
by Joan Meade Morse
Towering Above Most
Hard work in the 1920s provides Jeremiah Hardie Dempsey with just enough means to raise his family
by Geraldine Dempsey Boston

May 2008

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Mud Pie Cooking Lessons
Good old fashioned dirt was the key ingredient for these pies in the late 1930s.
by Amy Whisenand
A Fishy Honeymoon at Priest
A fishing trip experience for a honeymoon in 1944.
by Jean Amy Adams
A Woman in the Reserves
Serving with theh WAVES during in 1950.
by Joan Richey
The Vegetable Garden Contract
John would produce a vegetable garden for Connie if she produced a daughter for John. They both were productive in 1943.
by Anne Huneke Chamberlain
Wife Takes Over Husband's Job
Mona takes over her husband's job at city hall while he is away in the Navy - for half the salary.
by Katie Schmick
Moving Through the Depression
Finding work during the Depression.
by Maribel Sullivan
Counting Money and Blessings
Raised by mom from 1928, the kids learned to get by with what they had.
by Thomas J. Summerson
Living in the Spokane Valley
Life in the valley for Susie Brown Lightle from 1918.
by Carol Schulz
Nostalgic Memories of Arlington Grade School
Third grade memories from 1942.
by Artye Lee Scott
North Central High School
100 year history of the north side school.
by John Tuft
Boxing at Central Valley High
The 1940s boxing program.
by Rodney Hahn
What My Mother Never Told Me
Learning some etiquette on the spot at a military dinner with my husband.
by Margaret Huntington

April 2008

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Goat-Cart Photography
A photographer shows up at the Shauvin home with a cart pulled by a goat to take the family portrait.
by Amy Whisenand
Circle KD Ranch
A summer camp circa 1948 started by Mary Kay and Don Wahlin at Newman Lake.
by Brian O'Donnell and Lauretta Balcom Block
Wiring the Carlyle Hotel
Re-wiring the famous hotel in Spokane taking out telephone wire that was used for electrical wire in the mid 1960s.
by Howard Slemmer>
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Hattie McKeehan was named the most enthusiastic Spokane Indians baseball fam in 1941.
by Thomas Summerson
The Servants Dining Room at the Campbell House
A look at the duties and living conditions for the servants of Amasa and Grace Campbell.
by Suzanne Lynch
The Pathwayto a Young Man's First Car
Art Randall tells of getting his first car in 1946.
by Stephanie Regalado
Have You Ever Been a Newspaper Carrier?
Working as a newspaper delivery boy starting in 1940.
by Keith L. Yates
The Glamour Girls of the Fox Theater
Margie Day worked as an usher in the 1930s making $13 a week.
by Stephanie Regalado
Home Remedies
A hand-sewen pouch with garlic cloves inside cures a cold in 1935.
by Maureen Fine
When Radio Came to Town
In the mid 1930s listening to radio programs was a family affiar every evening in Okanogan County.
by Donald R. Johnson
Motor Vehicle Operator's License
A look at some very old drivers licenses.
by Betty Ratzman
The Winning Shadle Debaters
The varsity debate team was unbeatable in 1960.
by Jochelle Schatz
Life on the Old River Ranch
Ruth Jeffers tells her story growing up on the horse ranch just south of Colfax.
by Tim Putnam

March 2008

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Popping Corn at the Fox Theater
Making popcorn as fast as I could for the downtown theaters in 1945.
by Richard Reidburn
Hang Gliding in 1936
Building a hang glider from a kit.
by Dean Ladd
The History of Spokane's Hassie Car Club
Car buffs unite in 1958 to form a club.
by Gary Graupner
Spokane's First Recycler
Roy Ross starts the Ross Transfer Moving Co. in 1908.
by Paul Ross
Cords, a Chevrolet, and Me
At age 14, Mike drove the truck for cordwood cutting famly operation in 1947.
by Mike Alward
The Day I Made Harry Laugh
Working as a lot boy for a car dealership in 1950.
by John "Jack" Hordemann
Jet Mechanic
Serving with the 116th Unit in 1951.
by Dean Ottmar
My First Crush
Falling in love with Donald Burns in the 5th grade.
by Arlene Goodrich Rowles
My Precious Boots
Almost loosing my boots in a mud field during the Depression.
by Hilda Maston
Arlington Grade School: A Community in Itself
Memories from the class of 1947 and surrounding community.
by Gene Woodwick
The Jot 'Em Down Store
Traveling from the farm to town for supplies in the 1950s.
by Veronica Free

February 2008

January 2008

December 2007

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A Lancaster Christmas
Visting Lancaster in 1932 for a Christmas.
by Arlene Goodrich Rowles
The Night the Angels Flew Backward
A Christmas memory in a destressed family.
by Irene M. Foley
Fun at Honeymoon Bay
A summer of swimming on Newman Lake in 1941.
by Shirley Henderson
The Girl at the Mailbox
Mailing love letters from Ft. Wright ended up in a special photo shoot.
by Betty Lowney
Grandfather's Storytelling
My favorite stories at Christmas time.
by Anna Harbine
Helping Dad Come Home
Collecting items for the war effort in 1941.
by Earl Duell
Spokane Fastpitch Softball
The mighty Joey August team in the 1940s.
by Bob Pasby
The Car That Hated Cold Weather
Our Plymouth refused to start in the winter of 1949.
by Eleanore McKenna
Dancing For Joy at the New Pratt Elementary School
The beginning and end of Pratt Elementary
by Don Olmsted
Orville C. Pratt
Superintendent of Spokane Public Schools in 1943.
by Susan Tubb
Never Trust a Reindeer
Dressing up for a Christmas play.
by Carol McAdams
Pro Football Game at Gonzaga
New York Yankees play the Brooklyn Dodgers in an exhibition football game at Gonzaga on August 24, 1946.
by Fred Griffith
Ray Flaherty: Local Star to NFL Coach
Former Gonzaga football star coaches the New York Yankees.
by Susan Tubb
The Evergreen Accordion Club
Playing for Van Dee and Virginia Sickler in 1940.
by Shirlee Holmes
New Locomotive Engines
New engines for the Northern Pacific Railroad roll out of the Hillyard shop.
by Verne Alexander

November 2007

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Traveling to a Boy Scout Jamboree
Earl recounts the experience of taking the train to Pennsylvania.
By Earl Duell
Central Valley High's First Cross Country Team
When football didn't work out for Keith, he help start a Cross Country team at CV in 1942.
By Keith L. Yates
Swirls and Snuggles
Warm family traditions around the kitchen with Grandma.
By Marge Huntington
From Dinosaurs to Chickens
Raising chickens in the Depression in Ruby Creek, Idaho
By Cora Oliver
A Bad Start in My First Car
Getting in trouble with my 1930 American Austin Bantam
By Jerry Davison
When I Was Eight
A perspective from an 8 year old
By Lee Rogers
Logging Section Fifteen
Logging in the Thompson Creek area above Newman Lake on George Cunningham's land
By Peggy Cunningham
Sunday Drives in Dad's Hudson
Touring around Spokane in a 1937 Hudson Terraplane
By Jim Nelson
Cheerio! Fortissimo!
Playing the accordian under the direction of Van Dee Sickler.
By Joan Meade Morse
Japanese Fu-Go Balloons
The first Intercontinental Weapon System launched by Japan lands in Washington
By Willard Pennell
The Orpheum of Old
Bob Wright and Coral Carr dress the part of the movie playing to help draw in customers to the theater.
By Michael Wright
Situation Normal All Fouled Up
A comedy of errors as I joined the Spokane Naval Reserve
By Larry (Bud) McGee

October 2007

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Simply Skating
Roller Skating at Monterey and Dishman Roller Skating Rink, 1952
By Stephanie Prentiss
Halloween Ghouls & Goodies
Halloween neighborhood party, 1950
By Nancy Chevigny Dahlke
For the Love of Airplanes
Bud Shaw talks about his days at Spokane Naval Air Reserves
By Stephanie Regalado
The Boge Bros. Bakery
Driving a delivery truck at the bakery.
By Fred Beckemeier
Before Commercial Fertilizers
Planting sweet clover in Whitman County near Garfield, Washington as a fertilizer.
By Willard Pennell
Life of a Classic Vintage
Rita's first car was a 1961 Ford Falcon.
By Rita LaReice
Buzzing the Wood
Cutting firewood for the Greenwood Grange near Kettle Falls, Washington
By Dale Walston
Mercy Mission
Deathly sick while at Spokane Naval Air Station
By Rodney Hahn
Ross Point Memories
Ross Point Baptist Camp, 1966, Post Falls, Idaho.
By Mark Sims
Goose Hunter
Shooting a goose with a rifle, 1944.
By Bill Flynn
A Monumental Story Continued
A monument to those killed while building Grand Coulee Dam.
By Susan Gallyon Dechant
A Veteran of the Fire Wars: Ranger Frank D. Haun
Forest Ranger in Gold Creek and Seeley Lake Districts, Montana
By A.H. Abbott and O.D. Simpson
Homesteading Near Colville
Building a family and farm.
By Charles Hoyt

September 2007

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EZ Loader Boat Trailers
Starting EZ Boat Loader company in Spokane.
By Lucas Beechinor
The Lion from Spokane
Gail Cogdill is drafted out of Washington State to play football with the Detroit Lions.
By Jay Dean Gunter
P.T.A. "High Kicks"
Dorothy Gaylord Phillips performs with the Lewis & Clark High School PTA.
By Shannon Genzone
Strumming to Stardom
Roger Berger plays and sings his way to fame on KSPO, and KXLY.
By Stephanie Regalado
Naval Air Station Spokane
The history of the Spokane Naval Air Station at Geiger Field.
By Aimee E. Flinn
Laddie, Heel!
Dog training in 1959
By Patricia Lewis
A Special Northwestern Combine
The Idaho National Harvester builds a new combine machine, 1905.
By Glenn M. Leitz
Sugar Reports at Ft. George Wright
Posing for the Fort George Wright Review newsletter.
By Robert L. Hopp
God in the Forest
A poem about Camp Reed.
By Myrtle Gaylord
A Lasting Memory of Elvis
Her father drove Elvis around Spokane.
By Gaylene Moos Pope
Hunting Traditions
Learning to hunt.
By Cora Oliver
The Magical East Baldwin Avenue Neighborhood
Memories of a Spokane neighborhood.
By Kurt Kromholtz

August 2007

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Pea Picking
Farming in Fairfield, Washington.
By Jennell E. Branson
Open Road Pioneers' Club for Boys
Starting the boys club in Spokane.
By Keith L. Yates
Walking with Daddy
A poem about dad.
By Patti Richardson
From Street Racing to Drag Strips
Joe Blaylock drag racing feats.
By Lucas Bechinor
Leonard Magart and His Shadow Bay Resort
Shadow Bay Resort on Marshall Lake.
By Gerardette Sager
Cool Bathing Suits
Arlene and her sister model their bathing suits.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Camp Reed as I Remember It
Attending Camp Reed
By Herb Partridge
The Making of Camp Reed
The history of Camp Reed on Fan Lake, Deer Park, Washington.
By Lucas Beechinor
Station Keeper at Geiger
Bob Waite talks about his duties as a Station Keeper at Geiger Field.
By Stephanie Regalado
Horses and Men
Building State Route 20 from Tonasket to Republic.
By Donald R. Johnson
Elvis Visits Spokane
An in-depth story about Elivs visit and concert at Joe Albi Stadium August 29, 1957.
By Alan Hanson

July 2007

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The Exciting Career of Spokane County Sheriff Floyd Bower
Sheriff in Spokane County, 1925.
By Rae Anna Victor
Daredevil Days
Riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Coeur d'Alene.
By Eugene R. Soper
Springtime Walk
Memories of Dad by his five daughters.
By Mo Palmer
Riding the Trains on Vacation
Taking trips on the Great Northern Railway.
By Donna Matheny Deeble
Memories at Riverside Hall
Round Hall dancing barn near Potlatch.
By Lucas Beechinor
The All-Girls Marching Pirettes
The first Pirette Marching Unit at Rogers High School.
By June Summers
Those Mighty Marching Pirates
The Marching band at Rogers High School.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Horsing Around with the McLellan Family
Raising horses at Seven Mile bridge area.
By Carol McLellan Franson
The Night Winona Burned
Fire burns wheat crops in Winona, Pasco, and Kahlotus.
By Cecil Morrow
A Humble Start for Willie Fritz
Hard work pays off for Willie.
By Gary Graupner
Liberty Lake Memories
Summer fun at Liberty Lake.
By Don Coyle
Poopsie: My First Car
Buying my first car from Stoddard-Wendle Fordtown, 1959.
By Kurt Kromholtz

June 2007

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Downriver Park
Forming a park in Spokane
By Devon Smith
Door-To-Door Lessons
The life of John Tuft.
Stephanie Regalado
Training From Our Dad
Memories of Danny Anderson.
By Heidi and Kelsey Anderson
The Essence of Pa
Memories of Bob Carnegie.
By Nan Carnegie Robison
Great Depression Struggles
Clarence Nickerson works at Hazelwood Dairy during the Depression.
By Lucille Huotari
A Dad and His Daughter
Memories of Ronald Aubrey.
By Tammy Hipp
Surviving Life's Trials
Memories of Henry Risley.
By Hilda Maston
Blacksmith Grandpa Hoyt
Charles Henry Hoyt, a blacksmith in Spokane.
By Charles Hoyt
Unconditional Love
Memories of the Kennedy family.
By Jackie Kennedy McIntyre
Reminders of Yesterday
C.H. Hemmings of Sprague, Washington.
By Ann E. Yates
My One Armed Grandpa
Memories of John Beechinor
By Lucas Beechinor
Always Time for Fly Fishing
Thomas Yates memories.
By Keith L. Yates
Dad and the Spare Nickel
Buying one apple for a nickel and then splitting it between two girls.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
From a Childs View
Dean Ratzman's children share some memories.
By Betty Ratzman
Heroes to a Child
7th Grade class at Post Falls share memories about a family hero.
Tromping a Snow Path
Jacob Dean always put his family first.
By Evelyn Allen
Daily Adventures with Dad
Memories of Don Moos
By Bill Moos

May 2007

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A Youthful Passion for Fun
Spokane Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club adventures.
By Milly Killingsworth
The Boone Street Barn
Working together at the Spokane Coliseum leads to marriage.
By Amanda Ehnes
Aunt Vi's Long, Long Commute to School
Walking to school in 1950 leads to a story and photo in the Seattle Times
By Jo J. Adamson
Single and Having Fun
Dressing up like Charlie Chaplin
By Doris Sims
A Son's Tribute to His Mother
Memories of Elma
By Elmer Dempsey
Life Down on the Farm
Life on a farm
By Bernice Horch Beyer
A Pioneer Spirit of Old
Homestead life in Hood River
By Winnie Moore
My Grand Style Mother
Memories of my mother
By Joanne Kennedy
From a Mother's Point of View
Memories of Joyce Scher by her son Rick
By Joyce M. Scher
Jumping for Joy
Memories of Beth Swank
By Tracy Swank
My Stay-at-Home Mother
Memories of Amy Lloyd
By Joan Richey
Handmade by Mom
Memories of Juanita Johnson
By Gail Jantz
Seeing Double
Memoires Zola and Lola Ames
By Lola McCreary
Spring Planting
Memories of Marialice Holt
By Joy Painter
Riding with Mom
Motorcycle riding with Eva McLaughlin
By Harley McLaughlin
Monday Memories
Memories of Clara Denison
By Ardell Boleneus
My Swiss Miss Mother
Memories of Marthe Alice Lettenmaier
By Patrick Lettenmaier
Endless Jobs for Mother
Memories of mother on the farm
By Dorothy Stephens
Memories from Baldwin Street
Memories from the Logan neighborhood
By Nancy Monk
Window Shopping with Mom
Memories of Rhea Hammond
By Joyce Shaffer
Playing Dress Up
Memories of mother
By Cindy Long
Artistic Mother
Memories of Altha Norris
By Keith L. Yates
Mom's Calls
Memories of mother
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Cooking Was Her Claim of Fame
Rose Driscoll memories from Kettle Falls and Headquarters, Idaho
By Betty Ratzman
Awkward Beginnings Didn't Deter
Dating experiences out of the ordinary
By Carly Menard

April 2007

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Selling Magazines Door to Door
Selling magazines for the Cromwell Publishing Company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
By Keith L. Yates
We Saw Elvis
Memories of the Elvis concert at the Spokane Memorial Arena on August 30, 1957
By Tom Jackson, Paul and Charlotte Cooper, John Hendrix, Caroline Baker, Sharon Brazington, and Richard Reidburn
Valley Flood of the Sixties... and the Lady who Prayed it Away
Flooding in the Spokane Valley during 1957
By Gary Graupner
A Day in the Life of a Hardrock Miner
Mining in the Star Mine in Burke, Idaho
By Lowell L. Vanskike
The Spokane Hotel
History of the Spokane Hotel from 1889 until 1962
By Robert B. Hyslop
1895 Eight Grade Final Exam
A high school final exam Running the Elevator at the Crescent Department Store
Working as an elevator operator at the Crescent
By Carol Snow
Higher Than Eagles
Spokane's World War II Pilot Lt. Eugene Shauvin
By Larry Whitesitt

March 2007

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Whitetails To Deer Park
History of Deer Park. Naming the streets.
By Flynn Espe
Chilling Events on East Baldwin
Telling ghost stories to the neighborhood gang.
By Kurt Kromholtz
Fire Lookout: A Boy's Summer of 1941
Manning a fire lookout tower on Marble Mountain in the Colville National Forest
By John Carroll Ellingson
Dating in a Small Country Town
A farm boy romances a local girl in Garfield, Washington
By Willard Pennell
Learning the Dental Trade
Dr. Charles Olsen teaches his neighbor the trade
By Jean Adams
Campbell House Writings
Letters from maid Iris Nelson while working at the Campbell House in Spokane
By Suzanne Lynch
It's the Plumb Truth
The plumbing family of Helmuth Beyer
By Bernice Beyer
David Bemiss Grade School
Photo of the 1938 class
Delivering Messages
Working for the Western Union as a delivery boy in 1940.
By Mel Cruger
Gram's Story
Growing up in Sandpoint, Idaho
By Cecil Hicks

February 2007

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Fun on the Job at Trentwood
Working for The Aluminum Co. in 1943.
By Norma Panther
Parting Gifts
Delivery driver for Appleway Motors in 1944.
By Cecil Whipple
Ready and Able
Working for St. Luke's Hospital
By Viola Randolph
My 1940s Home Ec Life Lessons
Home Ec classes at Whitworth College in 1941.
By Candace Hansen
Blanchard Valley School
Class photo from 1936
College and the Married Life
Attending Spokane University
By Amber Glen
St. Joseph Family Center
History of St. Joseph Orphanage in Spokane from 1890 to present
By Stephanie Regalado
Sig Hansen Left His Mark at Central Valley High School
A favorite teacher at Central Valley
By Keith L. Yates
Remembering Farmington
History of Farmington, Washington
By Flynn Espe
Dating Trouble with Parents
Mel and Betty dating troubles
By Betty Rubertt
Dating in the 1930s
North Central High School students dating ventures.
By Doris Sims

January 2007

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Brotherhood of Friends
Fun at the BOF Lodge in Spokane
By Trudy Weston
Whitman County Winter
The winter of 1948-1949
By Willard Pennell
On the Level
Bricklayer Dick Hubbard's story
By Shannon Genzone
A Monumental Story
A memorial in honor of those who died building Grand Coulee Dam
By Susan Dechant
Not Exactly the Caddy Shack
Caddy work at the Spokane Country Club
By Gene Woodwick
My First Job at V.O.A.
Working for Volunteers of America in Spokane
By Suzanne Gaylord Patneaude
A Poem
By Dusty Niendam
Growing Up in the Depression Years
Farming in Eastern Washington
By Ralph Fuller
An Original Mayflower
My 1953 Plymouth Station Wagon
By Gary Graupner
A Trumpet Duet
Rogers High School friends
By June Summers

December 2006

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Cascades Double Take
A photo then and now of Lyman Glacier
By Gary Dowler
For the Love of Fine Horses
Harry Gumm and his horse business
By Stephanie Regalado
From Trolleys to Buses
Driving for the Spokane United Railways
By Naomi Clark
Remembering World War Two
Memories of December 7, 1941
By Keith L. Yates
A Messenger Boy for Old National Bank
Delivering messages for Old National Bank
By Robert Hopp
Spokane's Original Bio-Fuel manufactured by Power Oil & Gas Co. and The Union Iron Works
By Glenn Leitz
Memories of the Crescent
Working at the Crescent in 1951.
By Mari Sullivan
Bussing at the Apple Bower
A buss boy's adventure inside the Davenport Hotel
By Patrick Lettenmaier
Homegrown Health Cures
Home remedy cures with no side effects
By Hilda Maston
Gonzaga's Winning Edge
Gonzaga University's hockey team.
By Paul Delaney
Homemade Hockey
Playing hockey with Vernon Doyl at Manito Park
By Shannon Genzone
A Memorable Thanksgiving
A military Thanksgiving meal
By Jean Adams

November 2006

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A.M. Cannon Park
History of the Cannon Park from 1907
By Devon Smith
The Winter of 1979
A very cold and snowy winter.
By George Taylor
Dancing Into Each Others Heart
A military man finds his sweetheart at a dance
By Rose Carmen
M.M. Cowley
Early Pioneer Figure
By Keith L. Yates
Rogers High School's First Cheerleader
Thresa Perry Poffenroth tells of the first cheerleading squat at Rogers in 1932.
By Stephanie Regalado
Pandean Club
A musical club from North Central, Lewis & Clark and Rogers High School
By June Summers
The Rookery Building
History of the Rookery block in downtown Spokane.
By Robert B. Hyslop
The Magic of Chemistry
Learning from a home chemistry set in 1946.
By Kurt Kromholtz
Sunday Dinner at the Spokane Hotel
Eating out at the Spokane Hotel
By Marilyn Newkirk

October 2006

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Pataha Flour Mill
Grinding flour in Garfield County
By Jim Schwab
Tea Time
Having tea with my dolls.
By Kathleen Cronin
Dating at Central Valley High
Dating adventures in 1945
By Keith L. Yates
Ritzville's Colorful Wiltse
History of Albert Wiltse and Ritzville.
By Harland Eastwood
Barlow Construction
Building service stations around Spokane.
By Gail Melanson
Blodgett Merchantile Company
History of the Blodgett Merchantile and family.
By Stephanie Regalado
Babe Ruth Visits Spokane
The Great Bambino visits the Davenport Hotel in 1926.
Empire State Building
History of the Empire State Building at the southwest corner of Riverside and Lincoln.
By Robert B. Hyslop
Friday Night Toolin
Driving the streets of Spokane in 1946
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
My Four Lakes
Living on four different lakes.
By Bernice Beyer
The Edna E. Davis School
Spokane's school for the deaf.
By Lisa Hemken

September 2006

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Spokane Air Show Tragedy
A crash of planes in 1944 ruins a military air show.
By Dick Krutch
Foggy Days
Driving to Lake Christina in British Columbia.
By Dale Walston
A Good Day Fishing
Fishing on Pend Oreille Lake in 1965
By Bernice Beyer
Any Ice Today, Lady?
Delivering ice to homes in Hillyard.
By Carrol Marquardt
Otis High Basketball Team
Photo from 1931
History of Al Capone's brother Vincenzo Capone
By Ailleene Swenson
The Seventh Air Force
Flying missions over the South Pacific in 1943.
By Captain Bob Strong
When Neighborhoods Were Neighborhoods
Memories of the North Maple area.
By Doris Sims
Desert Sands
Cooking at the Oasis Restaurant inside the Desert Hotel.
By Rose Poutre
100 Years of Insurance
History of Fidelity Associates Insurance and Financial Services.
The Naked News
Summer adventures in the North Idaho Panhandle.
By Grant Lundin
Nostalgic Memories of Harvesting Wheat
Wheat harvest in the Tonasket area.
By Donald R. Johnson
111 Years of Meetings in Colfax
History of the Athenaeum Club
By Lenore Steffan
My Mom... No Stranger to Automobiles
Mom's Ford Model T Touring car
By Lillian Burke
The Empty Plate
A Poem
By Joe Klimes

August 2006

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Do You Know Josie?
Looking for Josie Hamilton.
By Nancy Rowley
Music Lessons for Spokane
Musical lessons from Margaret Anderson.
By June Summers
Struck By Lighting
Lighting strike at Kaniksu National Forest nearly kills John Laughlin.
By Peggy Cunningham
The Bike Races
Bike racing around Baldwin Avenue
By Kurt Kromholtz
Bob, Brad and the All-Boy Band of North Central
Bob Lewis Marches with the North Central High School band.
By Patricia Lewis
Moran Cemetery
History of the Moran Cemetery
By Don Olmsted
Sixty Years of Steam
Fairchild's Central Heating Plant
By Michael Hinz
A Modern Home
Buying your home from a Sears Roebuck catalog.
Lance Hills
Outside of Cheney connects a Regional Pioneer.
By Glenn Leitz
Journal of a Mule Train Packer
Mule packing for the North Idaho mines.
By James Watt

July 2006

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The Fastest Way Around a Short Track
Morris Gaylord's racing at Spokane Sports Center
By Stephanie Regalado
A Tennis Family
Photo of John Ulowetz family
My Life as a CCC Boy
Working for the Civilian Conservation Corps at Camp Growden on Sherman Pass.
By Rusty Clemons
Spokane Junior College
History of Spokane Junior College
By June Summers
The Tiny House Reunion
A family reunion
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
The Birth of a Gordon Avenue Doll
Growing up on Gordon Street
By Lilly Burke
Spokane's Greatest Athlete
Jack Harvey, tennis and badminton champion
By Frank Gaylord
Moran Grade School Reunion
History of the Moran Grade School.
By Don Olmsted
Petland: One Woman's Century
History of Mamie Rand
By Emily Green
The Perfect Couple
The yelling neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Irby.
By Margaret Huntington

June 2006

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Those Delinquent Reilly Boys
A auto prank at Gonzaga College, then coffee at Johnston's Coffee House.
By Bob Reilly
The Home Run of the Brave
Watching scary movies at the Rex Theatre
By Jerry Davison
The Ti-Girls at Lewis & Clark
Photos of Bette Pymm Doyle as a Ti Girl and majorette.
By Frances Pymm Oliver
Bath Time in the 40s
The entire family takes a bath in a washtub.
By Bernice Beyer
Neyland's Resort at Liberty Lake
Sun tanning and boy watching at Liberty Lake
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Camp Sweyolakan
Summer memories from 1944
By Anna Mae Henry
Ice Cream Anyone?
History of Behm's Valley Creamery
By Carol Behm Elliott
A Warm Summer Day
Photo of Hyde boys
By Gene Hyde
Charliebeth and the New Electric Hot Water Tank
Selling dad's favorite cow for a hot water tank in 1943.
By Keith L. Yates
Lake Leo
Homesteading in 1904 in the Pend Oreille Lakes west of Tiger, Washington
By Don Olmsted
Fred Astaire or Chicken Little
Tap dancing lessons in 1933 led to recitals at the Rialto Theatre and the Women's Club of Spokane.
By Larry McGee
Our Blockful of Kids
The ten and eleven-hundred block of east Baldwin.
By Kurt Kromholtz

May 2006

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Air Force Band Brought Honor to the Inland Northwest
The 560th Army Air Force Band.
By Keith L. Yates
Finding Work in the Depression
Building Grand Coulee Dam
By Patricia Lewis
Raised in the Madsen Hotel
The Wilbur, Washington hotel was my home.
By Frank Hanson
Hidden Treasure
The Cheney Historical Museum
By Joan Mamanakis
The Welcome House
Rev. Herbert and Mabel Anderson provided a home for serviceman stationed in Spokane.
By Stephanie Regalado
Burke: Idaho's Newest Ghost Town
The Hecla Mining Company's history tied to Burke.
By Lowell L. Vanskike

April 2006

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Building a Sawmill
Logging and running a saw mill near Thompson Creek north of Newman Lake in the mid 1930s.
By Peggy Cunningham
An Alaskan Adventure
The Alaskan Railroad Construction Company builds the Government Railroad in 1910.
By Peggy Cunningham
Life on the Bellwood Farm
Near Valleyford, Washington was once a large dairy operation.
By Vern Eden
A Little Reminder of a Big Adventure
The story of Mary Alice and husband Robert Rieper and their journey by covered wagon to Deer Park in 1899.
By Karla Rose
A Tribute to True Friends
North Central High School friends.
By Anna Mae DeFreese Henry
Life at Sacred Heart School of Nursing
Bertha Thulon's nursing school memories from 1914.
By Karla Rose
Lilac Festival Time in Spokane
Memories from many years of parade watching.
By Marilyn Newkirk

March 2006

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Marching To Different Drums
Marching with the Red Feathers unit at North Central
By Bernice Horch Beyer
The Sisters of the Holy Names and Fort Wright
History of the Sisters school and education in Spokane.
By Ron Belisle
What's a Tilakums?
The Spokane Chronicle kids club.
By Mark Weadick
The Campbell House
Restoring Helen Campbell's Blue Silk Drapes.
By Suzanne Lynch
An Earlier Time
Neighborhood memories on Gardner Avenue and around Spokane.
By Robert Scheel
L. Merlin Norris
Preacher, photographer, reporter and scout executive and adventures at Spokane University.
By Keith L. Yates
White Hair of the Spider
Lucile Hird and her gift of Laqueus.
By Rita LaReice
Where Have All The Drive-Ins Gone?
History of drive-ins across Eastern Washington including Ownbey's Drive-In, Deer Drive-In, East Trent Motor-In, East Sprague Drive-In, North Cedar Drive-In.
By Rolin Miller

February 2006

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Chattaroy School Burns Down
A fire in 1934 burns down the local school house.
By Verle Burch
Teenage Mischief
Having fun around Spokane
By Bud McGee
All the Pioneers Are Not Dead
Jesse and June Green move from California to Spokane in 1959 in a home-made camper.
By Jesse Green
Rose Lake
Rose Lake, Idaho history.
By Edward Johnson
The Old Homestead
Homestead living in the Deer Lodge National Forest of Montana in 1919.
By Viola Ala
Corbin Park
The Secret Race Track.
By Gene Ambacher
Daily Chronicle Tilakums
History of the kids club, Tilakums
By Richard Ennis
Spokane Hotel Memories
Memories of the Spokane Hotel and the Silver Grill.
By Helen Dennis
Ruby City Cemetery Found
A lost cemetery is found.
By James O'Brien, Lynda O'Brien, Jerry Smith, Laurie Smith
The Mayors of the City of Spokane
History of the city Mayors from 1881 to 2006.
By Karla Rose
Norway's Royalty Charms Spokane
A Royal visit by Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Marta in 1939.
By Margorie Coombs
Billy Peterson and Me
Lillian and Billy Peterson still a kiss in the cloak room.
By Lillian Bonnie Burke

January 2006

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Spokane - Nashville of the West
Singing groups like Clyde and Slim sing on KFPY in Spokane each week.
By Keith L. Yates
The Palouse Highway
Building the Palouse Highway in 1936.
By Delta Don Olmsted
Hillyard Family Home
Patrick Foley works for the Great Northern Railroad.
By Carol Foley Meehan
Memories of Logan Grade School
Memories from 1937 and 8th grade class photo from 1941.
By Philip Heine and Dorothy Wright Damrell
Snow Surveying
Glenn Nogle and Guy Imus take snow measurements for Washington Water Power Company in the North Cascades mountains in 1948.
By Mary Ann Kozel
Grandfather's Blacksmith Shop
Photo of H.A.Krum's shop in 1905
By Peggy Cunningham
The House R.A. Jones Built
Superintendent of Spokane City Waterworks during the Great Spokane Fire of August 4, 1889.
By Matthew Collin
Seth Woodard
Spokane Valley Pioneer from 1882.
By Harold E. Skinner

December 2005

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Gold, Frankincense and What?
The gifts presented to Jesus at His birth, including Myrrh.
By John Tissot
Spokane Women's Club
History of the club from 1905.
By Stephanie Regalado
Spokane Junior Miss Pageant
Judging at the second annual pageant in 1969.
By Leon Ross
My Christmas Sweetheart
Rondy Ledford travels through a winter storm to be home for Christmas.
By Brenda Kay Ledford
McGee's Service Station
History of Sid McGee and his gas stations.
By Bud McGee
The Story Behind Rockwood Clinic
History of Rockwood Clinic and Captain William Robinson, founder.
By Stephanie Regalado Logan Elementary School
History of Logan and a 7th grade class photo from 1940.
Let the Trumpet Blare
Playing in the Rogers High School pep band in the 1940s.
By Bernice & Walter Beyer
Were We Montanies?
Traveling from Great Falls, Montana to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
By Leslie P. Yates

November 2005

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Tightening Belts - Rationing During WWII
Tax Tokens and Rations during the war years.
By Delta Don Olmsted
Washington's Tax History
Major Washington State Tax History
The Handsome Horseman
History of George Horch and his horses.
By Bernice Beyer
A Passing of Time
Memories of grandmother.
By Dan Pawlowski
A Rumble Seat
Double dating in a 1930 Model A Ford Roadster.
By Madge Saunders
Captain Midnight
Comic book relief in the 1950s.
By Terry Nelson
Apron of Love
My mothers kitchen apron and the love she showed.
By Frieda H. Morgenstern
Hopalong Cassidy and Professor Barry
Popular TV show impressed the kids.
By Ruth Burke
1933 Wilson Grade School
Photo of 2nd grade in 1933.
The Home Place
History from the south Moran Township in 1936.
By Delta Don Olmsted
An Old Fashioned Barbershop
History of the Audubon Park Barbership and Nick Nickerson.
By Mark Carter
Cashup Davis - Wilderness Innkeeper
History of James "Cashup" Davis and the Steptoe Butte Hotel he built.
By Mark Carter
Please Connect Me to Main 327, Operator
The Spokane telephone exchanges from 1902 to 1960.
By Nella Rice
Rainbow Gasoline
A True Oil Company Station
My Date with Dwayne
A date that didn't start off right and ended up even worse.
By Louise Hoff
Letters from a Sailor
Roy Kenneth Grant sends letters home in 1944.
By David W. Grant
Washington National Guard
History of the guard unit
The Last Ballgame
Looking after my little sister in the 1950s
By Margaret Brennan

October 2005

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Two Spokane Sailors Almost Cause an International Incident
Sandy Sinclair and Keith Yates get in a little trouble during WWII.
By Keith L. Yates
You Can Do It, But...
Learning to play the clarinet at Rogers High School.
By Lillian Bonnie Burke
Heidi, the Piano Playing Boxer
The family dog that could play the piano.
By Bill Davison
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Trying to play high school football.
By JimSullivan
Scary House, Happy Memories
Memories from North Monroe street.
By Artye Lee Scott
The Genie and the Gyro
Inventions by Frank Johnson in 1967.
By Mark Carter
My First Trip to Spokane
Memories of Tripple XXX Rootbeer, the Milk Bottle and other Spokane highlights in 1931.
By Leslie P. Yates F
irst Day of School
First grade at Hamilton Grade School in 1925.
By Lillian Bonnie Burke
Hamilton Elementary School
History of the school from 1908.
Riding the Flumes
The glory days of logging by the Alward family at Brickel Creek in north Idaho in 1925.
Wheat Harvest Photo Essay
Harvesting wheat in the Palouse country.
By Willard Pennell
Boy Scouts Rescue Drowning Women
Wray Farmin saves lives at Camp Cowles on Diamond Lake in 1921.
By Greg Mott
What's My Line?
Television show history.
By Terry Nelson
The Serenaders
Spokane choral group of the 1940s
By Benita Mason
Spokane Was Not Third-World Hillbilly
Memories from around Spokane.
By Richard L. Jones
From Washington County to Washington Territory - A Man Named George
History of George W. Runnels from 1857.
By Nellie Runnels

September 2005

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Daddy the Spokane Policeman
History of Jim Fuchs as a Spokane cop in the 1930s.
By Lisa Hemken The Evergreen Zoo
Evergreen Zoological Park at Sprague and Vista founded by Art Warsinski
By Mark Carter
"Wild Horses" at the Boots and Saddles Club
Painting of wild horses.
By Ingrid Anderson
Farming South Moran
Art Stephan successful farming operation in 1914.
By Delta Don Olmsted
A 10-year-old remembers seeing his first steamroller working.
By Burt Hinckley
Those Old Wash-Day Blues
Electricity on the farm changes how washing is done.
By Hilda Maston
Sale Day
A farm auction recollection.
By Donald R. Johnson
Horse Theft Mania in Spokane
Stealing horses in Spokane in 1891.
By Erin McPherson
Horse Thief: The Worst Outlaw of All
History of a horse thief.
By Erin McPherson
Butch Cassidy Bites the Dust
Did Butch Cassidy actually die in Spokane?
The Monroe Street Bridge
A look back at the three Monroe Street bridges.
By Mark Carter
The Glover Mansion
History of James Glover and business ventures.
By Sarah Dalrymple
Boyhood Memories of Newport
George Graupner history and his grocery store in Newport, Washington.
By Gary Graupner
Telephone Communication Timeline
History of Spokane telephone industry.
By Willard Pennell
Summer Harvest on the Mountain
Harvesting wheat in Walla Walla in 1941.
By Laverne Bilyeu
First Day of "Real" School
Green Mountain School northeast of Newman Lake in 1930.
By Peggy Cunningham
Valley Chapel
The Valley Chapel church.
By Delta Don Olmsted

August 2005

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Joe Albi Stadium
Memorial to a big sports fan, Joseph A. Albi.
Life on a Dairy Farm
The Meadow View Dairy west of Coeur d'Alene.
By Clare Earl Johnson
Lifestyles with Stoves
Switching from wood cooking to electric in the 1940s.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
The Old Iron Stove
A Poem
By Mary R. Leason
Victory Gardens
Growing home gardens for the war effort in the 1940s.
By Sarah Dalrymple
Spokane in the 1950s
Tooling Riverside to ugly gym uniforms
By Marilyn Magney Newkirk
From Certified Pioneer Stock
History of Hughena Elizabeth Hecht-House
By Sherri House-Rhoads
Union Station
From construction to demolition, 1914-1973
My Brush With History
Living in Grand Coulee during the construction of the dam.
By John Edward Ernest
Birdwatching at Camp Cowles
Attending the Boy Scout camp on Diamond Lake.
By Darryl Dickey

July 2005

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The Doll Hospital & Winkler's Broom Factory
Attending school at Logan School and nearby businesses.
By Darryl Dickey
A Page from the Past
Growing up in Peaceful Valley.
By Patricia Lewis
Carnation Milk Salesman
Driving for the Carnation Milk Company in 1952.
By George Taylor
The Bride's Revenge
Making fun of a husband's lunch packed by his wife.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Summer Theater
Showing home movies in basement theater.
By Bernice Beyer
Old Rex
Working the ranch with a favorite horse.
By Dale Bacon
Spokane Children's Home
History of the Spokane institution for more than 60 years.
By Lisa Hemken
Ditch Walking
Irrigation systems in the Spokane Valley in 1943.
By Keith L. Yates
Modern Electric Water Company
History of a water company from 1905.
Our National Banner
History of our American Flag.
By Earl Echelberry
Mrs. Kraft's Homemade Ice Cream
A favorite summer treat.
By William Kraft
The Kool-Aid Kaper
My first kool-aid stand in 1936.
By Jerry Davison
National Indian Congress
From 1925 the National Indian Congress Gonzaga High School Class of 1945 memories.
By Dick Krutch

June 2005

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Launching a Renewel of The Fox Theater
Dick Hazelmyer, dresses up in "Destination Moon" outfit for a promotion.
The Evergreen Accordion Club of Spokane
Joan Morse tells of the history of accordion club from 1940s.
By Lisa Hemken
Electric Cooking School
Learning to cook with electricity in 1931. Kindergarten Class on West Mission
Photo of Kerdergarten class of 1931
By Barbara J Nobles
The House on 35th
Memories of grandpa's house on 35th street.
By Steve Morrison
Bobby Wayne
Rockabilly innovator from Spokane in 1955.
By Mark Carter
A memorial day I'll Never Forget
Memorial Day 1936 flying exhibition by the National Guard at Felts Field.
Larson's Clothing Store
Photo from 1954 of Larson's Clothing Store. Midnight Prohibition Shootout- Mistaken Identity or Murder?
Johnsen dies in a shootout during a Prohibition raid.
By Laura Harders
Sawmills of Nine Mile Falls
Long Lake Lumber Company and others along Long Lake.
By Margaret Sontag & Benita Mason
The Cane on the Barn Wall
Memories of the Junior Livestock show in 1938.
By Julie Painter Pittmann
Yates' Yellow Bike
My new Zenith bicycle in 1938.
By Ronald Yates
The Coveted Compote
A wedding gift is cherished.
By Marjorie Coombs
Prohibition Bootlegger
Lew Ward and his bootlegging experiences.
By Lewis Ward
The Bucking Truck of Zephyr Lodge
Working at Zephyr Christian Conference grounds at Liberty Lake.
By Keith L. Yates

May 2005

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I Survive
The making of the Great Northern Depot Clock Tower banks for Expo 74.
By Will McLaughlin
Avalanche Takes Johnny Knock
Bob Hansen tells of a avalanche that kills his friend.
By Mark Carter
When I was Five
Memories of young man in 1935.
By Bernice Beyer
A Man's Castle
Living in a shack of a house.
By Donald R. Johnson
Codd & Allen Sawmill in King Valley, Idaho
By Donna Carnegie
Rebuilding Fort Spokane
Planning for the restoration of Fort Spokane
By John Anspauch, Dean Bakke, Robert Twyman, Mark Weadick
The New World
Homesteading on Peone Prairie.
By Frank Johnson
John C. Poetz, Spokane Architect
Working in the shadows of Kirtland Cutter
By Aimee Flinn
Armed Forces Day Parade- Sights and Sounds
Memories from a Lilac Parade.
By Katie Ewart
Milkin' Time
The never ending chore of milking cows in the 1930s.
By Denton Harris
What ever happened to the Bijou and the Lone Ranger?
Favorite movie memories from the 1940s.
By Gary Luerding
The Little House that Grew on the Palouse
Farming off Mt. Hope Road.
By Irene Kirkpatrick Brinson
The Crescent- Spokane Isn't the Same Without it
Memories from the Crescent.
By Marion Daines
Newlyweds in a Spokane Valley Pump House
Working for Modern Electric Company as a ditch walker.
By Ronald W. Yates

April 2005

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The Winter of 1948-49...and a Baby on the Way
By Peggy Cunningham
What the Marine Corps Offered You in 1948 Military pay in 1948.
By Jim Schwab
Growing Up with WWII Coupons Living with rations during WWII.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
A North Central Neighborhood in the 1930s and 1940s Neighborhood memories
By Doris Sims
A Taste of the Old Country: Spokane's German Paper Immigrants publish their own paper.
By Erin McPherson
Spangle Stallions The horse breeding operation of Henri D'Hondt in Spangle, Washington.
By Larry D'Hondt
Indian Canyon Golf Course Opens in 1936
Photo essay
Yesterday When I was Young
Growing up in the 1960s.
By Richard L Jones
The Second Battle Of White Bird: Over the Hill in a Maxwell
Traveling over mountain passes in a Maxwell.
By Rosemary Hanford Henrickson
Grandpa and Two Trains
Moving to Spokane and working for the Millwood Lumber Company in 1905.
By Dick Krutch

March 2005

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Early Spokane Schooldays
Attending school in Yardley at Alcott School in 1918.
By Maynard Eash
Just a Pile of Bricks: The Schlosser Smokestack
Schlosser Greenhouse in Hangman Creek Valley in 1915.
By Stephen D. Schlosser
Rabbits - From Hutch to Skillet to Table
Raising rabbits for meat in the Depression.
By Arlene Goodrivch Rowles
Memories from hearing the famous Taps song.
By Marge Huntington
Oroville Overflow- The Great Flood of 1948
Floodwaters quickly drown out a town.
By Daniel A McDougall
How to Wash Woolen Underwear
By Marilyn Wagenius
Delivering Mail with Horse and Cart
Delivering mail in Spokane in 1935 with horse and cart.
By Harold F Van Horne
History of the Cost of a Postage Stamp
The Spokane and Inland Electric Railroad
History of the railroad from 1905.
By Don Olmsted
I was Fired Three Times in One Day
Working at the Diamond Match Company
By Loren Robinson
Inland Empire Model T Ford Club
By Marith McCoul
The Spitoon
Spitting tobacco into a Spitoon.
By C.J. Mouser
Growing Up
Saying goodbye and dealing with death.
By Dick Krutch
The Smells of Easter
Memories from Easter in the 1950s.
By Roseanne Dowell
Dancing Feet at Central Valley High- Learning the CV Shuffle
Dancing with the Three Musketeers in 1942.
By Keith Yates
My Favorite Store When I Was a Kid
Buying snacks from the five and ten cent store.
By Dusty Niendam Date: 1930

February 2005

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Memories of the Richfield Men
Early service station men remembered.
At the Track - A family Tradition
Dennis Kellogg's midget car racing at Mead's Alcan Speedway in the 1940s.
By Mark Carter
In the Swim
A Modest Look at Swimsuits
By Donald R. Johnson
Willie Willey
History of nature boy, Willie Willey.
By Keith Yates
The Franz Family Adventure
Henry Franz family homesteads at Badger Lake, south of Cheney, Washington.
By Luella Dow
WWII Buddies
32nd Infantry Division memories.
By Dale Walston
Naming the Prairie: Moran and the Bull
How Moran Prairie got its name.
By Don Olmsted
Tiger Jack Fox - Spokane Boxing Great
Boxing in the 1940s and 1950s.
By Darryl Dickey
President Taft Visits Lewiston
A presidential visit in 1911.
By Dick Riggs
Avalanche Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Big Trouble on Mountain Roads
Trapped at Lolo Pass by an avalanche in the 1960s.
By Dale Bacon
Wally's World
Photos from the Wally Hagin Collection.
There is a Song in my Heart
Alvina Thom often sang for her daughter.
By Bernice Beyer

January 2005

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Under the Viaduct - Rolfe's Lube
Noble A. Rolfe's service station under the train viaduct in downtown Spokane in 1936.
By N.A. Rolfe
Five Worst Winters in the Inland Northwest
A winter countdown.
By Ronald Miller and Charles Ross
Cold Power
Lewis & Clark High School buddies form a rock band in the 1970s.
By Aimee Goodwin
Ford's Model TT Truck of Many Uses
Purchasing Ford trucks for the farm.
By Grant Lundin
St Joseph's Old Folks Home
The Sisters of Providence open a home for the aged.
By Dick Krutch
Exploring Winona, A Town of Mysteries
Winona, Washington history.
By Jennifer Ingram
Spokane University, A Forgotten Part of Inland Northwest History History of Spokane University.
By Keith Yates
I Remember the Good Old Days Memories of hard work at home.
By Velda Van Zee
Montgomery Ward & Co. History of the famous store.
By Hughena House
A Classy Classic Seeing a Horch Phaeton car.
By Bernice Beyer
Jailbreak in Spokane! In the Prisoners' Own Words A prison break gone bad.
By Rick Dettwiler

December 2004

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St. Aloysius Church
History of St. Al's on the Gonzaga campus.
By Richard Krutch
The Black Box
Listening to a radio in 1935.
By Al-Jack Dymond
I Heard Angels Sing
Remembering the first time she heard music from a radiol
By Peggy Cunningham
Which Peavey? A brief look at Joseph Perrier-Peavey
History of Joseph Peavey and the Peavey tool.
By Donna Carnegie
Campbell House
A Spokane historic home.
By Patti Larkin
The Mudslidin' Train
The Camas Prairie Railroad derailment of 1954.
By Janiece Pilik
Press Paper, 2 cents
Selling the Spokane Press newspaper for 2¢.
By Bob Peters
Basketball Champions of Spokane County, Valleyford High School
The undefeated Valleyford basketball team of 1932.
By Ralph Johnson
Two for One Price
Louis Ward horse selling business in the 1920s.
By Lew Ward
Lone Scouting Days
A charter member of the Lone Scouts of America in 1915.
By R. Glen Olmsted
The American Flag - A Life Journey
By Artye Lee Scott
A Pocketful of Puppy
Opening Christmas presents early.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Survivor - A Mail Clerk's Story and the Avalanche of 1910
Stevens Pass trail wreck kills over 100 people.
By Dolores Hensel Yates

November 2004

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Opportunity Township Hall Landmark in the Valley
Home of the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum.
Harvest Special
Working a stationary threshing machine in 1938 between Mt. Hope and Valleyford, Washington.
By Frank Johnson
Saturday at the Movies: Kids from the '40s Remember
By Janet Hathaway
Dancing Footwear Taps on Boots for a Cowboy
The Leeson girls begin tap dancing lessons in 1941.
By Mona Leeson Vanek
Cars, Cars, Cars: Central Valley Cruisers
Cars that kids drove to school in the early 1940s.
By Keith Yates
Washington Air National Guard: Eighty Years of Service
Submitted by 141st Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Grace Babtist Church: From Sawdust floors to Elegant Edifice
History of Grace Baptist Church from 1890.
By Mark Carter
Tiger Tale: Homestead on Tiger Hill
Homesteading in Tiger, Washington in 1916.
By Dorothea Nordstrand
A Good, Good Thing: Emerging Through Trials With Joy
Farm life with Harvey Stueckle and his family in Whitman County in 1915.
By Marla Hyder

October 2004

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Zephyr Lodge on Liberty Lake: A Colorful Past
History of camp on Liberty Lake.
By Keith L. Yates
Remembering Nell Shipman: Hollywood Actress in Spokane and Priest Lake
Minnehaha Park was the filming site for actress.
By Jennifer Ingram
Pounders Jewelry
49 Years of Golden Service
End of an Era: A Mom & Pop Grocery Store
Mike's Cash Grocery.
By Ed Stevens
Stout-Hearted Seven: Young Historians Learn About Life on the Oregon Trail
By Matt Kaiser
Tracking the Cougar
Washington State University's humor magazine.
By Jennifer Ingram
Expo Flashback
By Paul Swift
Growing Up in Mr. Hill's Backyard
Growing up in Hillyard from 1940.
By Rich Matheny
Halloween Story
By Ronald E. Provinsal
Pranks and Other Memories
By Bob Hansen
Kettle Falls, the Columbia River, and Apple Pie
Bruce Schrecengost travels to Spokane in 1939 with his family.
By Bud McTavish
Too Many Spuds
Farming in the Depression.
By Marjorie Vincent Coombs

September 2004

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The Spokane Trophy: Honoring Our Sons in the Navy
Navy trophy had its beginning in Spokane in 1907.
By Aimee E. Flinn
Spokane's Own Naval Hero
History of Robert John Monaghan.
By Aimee Flinn
Those Special 1940s Dresses
Sewing dresses and in the 1940s.
By Beverly Hill McKinney
The Apple Farm: An Oroville Adventure
Working in the orchards of Oroville, Washington.
By Darryl Dickey
Chief Spokane Garry: The Pacific Northwest's First Teacher
By Keith L. Yates
John Ball: Early Pacific Northwest Teacher
By Keith L. Yates
Jay P. Graves and the Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad Company: From Local Streetcar Line to Regional Electric Railway
By Lorri Moulton
First Impressions of America :Tacoma: 1905
Attending Whitworth College in Tacoma
By Janet Hauck
KSPO Disc Jockey: Bud Miller: "I'm still around"
By Bud Miller

August 2004

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Expo '74 Flashback: GM's People Mover Carl Bernson: Growing Up in Spokane
By Carl Bernson
Old Idaho Sign Stands Once Again
Rebuilding the Heyburn State Park sign in a CCC camp in 1935.
By Kenneth J. Hart
Growing Up With My Scots-Irish Grandma
By Bonnie Burke
Camp Growden: CCC Camp Photo Essay
Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Kettle Falls, Washington.
By Allen A. Finley
Tomato Buggy Travelall
Driving a 1963 International Travellall.
By Mark Carter
My Sisters
Memories from Washougal, Washington.
By Dale Bacon
Avista's Contribution to History
History of Washington Water Power Company
By Natalya Shcherbina
Feeding the Harvest: Cook Shacks on Wheels
Working in a cook shack during harvest in the 1920s.
By Jennell E. Branson
Another U.S.S. Spokane: A Winning Parade Float
By Maribel Sullivan
Never Ending Harvest
Memories of a deep south rice harvest in 1942.
By Margaret Kienbaum
Trouble at Lancaster Creek
Small town memories from Lancaster, Washington in 1938.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Flapping in the Breeze
Hanging the clothes out to dry on a line.
By Lee Hill-Nelson
Oliver Nelson Bell: The Conclusion
History of Oliver Bell
I Remember Nana
A Poem
By Greg Asimakoupoulos

July 2004

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Wilber in Flames
Wilbur, Washington burns down in 1901.
Early Colfax Floods
Bonded Adjustment Company: Collecting Debts Since 1916
Submitted by Bonded Adjustment Company
A Bang-Up History of Fireworks
History of fireworks.
By Maria L. Hyder
The Sounds of Peace; A Girl Remembers V-J Day
The end of WWII
By Isabelle "Lovey" Green
Playing Hooky, For the Love or Baseball
Skipping classes at Tonasket Public Schools in Tonasket, Washington.
By Donald R. Johnson
St. John, Washington Centennial Celebration
Little School on the Moran Prairies
By Don Olmsted
Aboard the "Spoke" U.S.S. Spokane
The U.S.S. Spokane named after town.
By Aimee E. Flinn
The Bobmobile: And other Wild & Dangerous Rigs
Street racing in makeshift scooters during the 1930s.
By Dick Krutch
Ford Model A: A Rig for Rough Roads
By Lee Carpenter, Jr.
Klahowya! Remembering Chinook Jargon
Understanding the Indian language.
By Dale Robertson
Spokane's High Bridge Tourist Camp

June 2004

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Expo '74s Clock Tower Souvenir Coin Banks
Making clock tower banks for the fair.
By Ralph Johnson
Reardan Mule Days Celebrates 100 years
By Dale Swant
Wild Mustangs
Running into wild horses in 1941.
By Ralph Johnson
Bridal Gowns and Love Stories: Renewed and Reunited
A Widow, a $30 Horse, and a Log Cabin
Living in Fighting Creek, Idaho in 1933.
By Lew Ward
City of Mercy: Baxter Army Hospital, 1942-1945
History of Army hospital in Spokane.
By Aimee E. Flinn
The Family Behind White Elephant Stores
History of John Conley and his Surplus Stores.
By Mark Carter
Magicians in the Cookhouse
Cooking for the harvest.
By Willard Pennell
Kaufer's Religious Supplies: A Fourth Generation Business Since 1904
History of Philip A. P.A. Kaufer and his stores.
Mother and Me: Patty Duke's Greatest Role
By Patty Duke
Bang the Pots again...the 40's Revisited
By Wynee Crombie
Buggies to Trolleys to Buses Part III
By Don Olsmted

May 2004

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Sheridan Grade School
7th Grade class from 1937.
By Thomas J. Summerson
Never Put Your Aggie in the Pot
Shooting marbles.
Rediscovering America in 1944
Excerpt From Article "We Rediscover America"
By Eric Johnston
For the Love of Chocolate
A love story.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
The Front Porch
By Dick Krutch
How to Stop a Runaway Team of Horses
Manito Park Celebrates 100 Years
Manito Park timeline.
A Whale of a Tale
A whale arrives in Spokane on tour in 1930.
By Peggy L. Cunningham
Yoke's Rich Regional History
History of Chuck Yoke and his grocery store business.
By Marshall Yoke
An Expo '74 Memory
Memories from the World's Fair in Spokane
By Bonnie Burke
In Her Shadow
History of Sacagawea
By Dan Pawlowski
Home Remedies: Castor Oil's Not the Only Way
By Harriet M. Adams
Listening to Adults Can Get You in Trouble
By Marjorie Coombs
My Mother's Hands
By Tamara Barry Richert
Golden Years at Holden

April 2004

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Basketball Uniforms: How They've Changed
A look at Gonzaga University's basketball court fashion
By Mark Carter
Nature Boy: Willie Willey Strikes Again
Author meets a scantily clad Willie in downtown Spokane
By Harriet M. Adams
Fallout Shelter
A rural family builds a fallout shelter to the instruction of the U.S. Government in 1962.
By Dusty Williams Niendam
Down in the Dumps
A young boy finds pleasure, learning, and a "mother lode of treasure' at the town landfill
By Donald R. Johnson
Eulogy for an Outhouse
Author recalls the outhouse stationed at her family's vacation cabin at Loon Lake.
By Liz Scott
Moran Prairie Plane Crash: Eyewitness of the Aftermath
A Spokane resident recalls a trimotor plane crash near his home in 1928.
By Carl Bernson
F.O. Berg: Keeping Spokane Covered Since the Great Fire
Frederick Oliver Berg arrives in Spokane in time to make the tents that would save the city after the Great Fire of 1889
By Mark Carter
Improvising Their Own Fun
Author describes Social activities for Whitworth Students during the Depression Era
By Kyna Herzinger
A Lifeline for 30 Years: Technology to the Rescue
An explanation of the lifeline communicator, enhancing the independence of the elderly
Buggies to Trolleys to Buses
Part II of Ruben Knapp's employment history in Spokane
By Don Olmsted
Teenagers Cruise to Loon Lake
Author recalls summertime lake trips to Loon Lake with her best friends
By Bernice Horch Beyer
When Electricity Came to Rural America
Excerpts from Circle of Brightness, a collection of essays on the change electricity brought to rural America
Edited by Brent L. Cobb
The American Austin Bantam: The First Jeep
The Daily Paper
Author recalls early days of Wenatchee
By Mary Lou Patrick
Future Farmers of America
Short history of the FFA
By Jennifer Ingram

March 2004

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The Oroville Trombone
Experiences as a trombone player from Oroville High School to the Merchant Marines
By Daniel A. McDougall
I Remember Dad's Model A Ford
A brand-new Model A Ford carries a family to their adventures all over California
By Rosemarie Niles
Ahooga's Model-A
History of the Model A Ford
By Dale Clinton
Mother's Medical Practice
Down-home, practical doctoring of his mother and her proverbs for health
By Dick Krutch
Washington Auto Carriage: Success since 1906
Traces the success of a local auto company in Spokane
By Mark Carter
There's Gold in Them Thar Spokane Valley...uh...Tills?
There's gold possibly still hidden somewhere in the Spokane Valley
By Keith L. Yates
Gadgets, Gardens, and Good Memories: A Story Worth Harping About Harry Harp recalls days on the Palouse.
By Marla L. Hyder
The History of Washing Machines
Monopoly: The Game That Keeps on Going
An out of work man creates the game Monopoly with an oilcloth.
By Karen M. Hart
Whatever Happened to Polly Pigtails?
The evolution of a girls' magazine to Young Miss and today's YM
By Jennifer Ingram
Kant-Sink-Em Boats Made in Spokane
The boat-building Cruger family combines boat delivery, vacation, and preaching
By Melvin G. Cruger

February 2004

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Oliver Bell's Pioneer Era Winter Adventure
Carrying supplies by steamboat to Coeur d'Alene Lake's mining region markets during the severe winters of the 1880s
By Glenn Leitz
My Fast, But Last Ride
U.S. Navy boys hitchhike home over the Cascade Mountains
By Donald R. Johnson
Grandfather's Radio
The role of the radio in the life of Terry Parsons
By Terry L. Parsons
Sing for the Teacher: A Serenade Turns Sour
Two inseparable fourth-graders face the consequences of a jeering serenade for their teacher
By Mel Lees
A Tandem Bike, Sort of
Two friends enjoy a homemade two-seater bicycle, until a policeman spoils their fun
By Walter Beyer
The Road to Winnemucca
Traces the Johnson Family's trek from Spokane to Winnemucca and back again
By Ralph Johnson
A Deer Lady
One tough lady survives the Depression, while still ready to help others in need
By Lew Ward
Hey Me!
Episodes in the life of Raymond Zehm from boyhood to manhood
By Norene Zehm
Do You Believe in Miracles?
Author recounts miraculous stories of his life
By Dick Krutch
Abraham Lincoln
The games we used to play, reading by the fire
By Melody Amsel-Arieli
Looking for Water in the Promised Land
F.T. Campbell transforms the face of the Columbia River Basin with irrigation
By Malcolm R. Campbell
Buggies to Trolleys to Busses
Reuben Knapp makes his living from the railroad to buggies, trolleys, and busses
By Don Olmsted

January 2004

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Trash for Treasure: North Idaho Scrap
Children ages 3-16 gather scrap at Twin Lakes, Idaho during WWII
By Marilyn M. Wagenius
My Snow Suit
A young boy laments the 'girl's' two-piece snowsuit his tailor grandfather sews for him
By Dick Krutch
The Cream Separator
Recalling the evolution of Cream Separators, from crank to electricity, in life and advertising
By Mark Carter
Grendel and the Cream Separator
A curious kitten discovers the networking of an electric cream separator
By Charley Noble
A 1926 Christmas Memory
Two little girls arrive home from Hamilton Grade School to find a new piano for their mother
By L. Bonnie Burke
Coasting Down Spokane Streets: When Sledding Was a City Priority
Recalling when the streets were blocked for sledding in the 1940s.
By Maida Van Dissel
Riding the Rails: Once is Enough
Two brothers and a friend spend their summer vacation seeing the country via the railroad
By Bill Davison
Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy
Jerry Stocker founds Spokane's Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy
By Mark Carter
Cooler King: The Lanky Yank from Washington State
Spokane native Jerry Sage becomes an army officer in the forerunner of the CIA during WWII
By Mark Carter
The Grand Coulee Dam: A Powerful Weapon
Building the dam that became the United State's most powerful weapon in WWII
By Kent Davies
I Never Made it to Hyannisport
Running into the Kennedys while skiing in Idaho
By Alfred C. Block
Clanging Sousaphones
The memories of a former Spokane bass player in 1940.
By Keith L. Yates

December 2003

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Oohing and Aahing Over Crescent Window Displays
Remembering a part-time Christmas job in display windows at the Crescent in 1950s.
By Everett Parr
Dry Dock: The Crescent's Heartbeat
A Father gets a job as a warehouse supervisor for Crescent
By Rita LaReice
Dry Dock Dad's Daughters
Author spends money and gets into mischief at her father's workplace
By Rita LaReice
The Fisherman's Wife
Author finally forgives husband for fishing gear gifts with a great catch.
By Bernice Beyer
A Family Project: Everyone Bring a Broom Handle
Making homemade mattresses as a community project.
By Pennie Brugh
Sample Girls and Fun Gum
Father's job for Adam's Chewing gum, and the sample girls who advertised the gum.
By Jane Powell Oakley
Davy Crockett Did Not Chew Chiclets
By Dwight Carter
What Am I Reading!?
Two girls get tricked into advertising photo at the Inland Empire Press Club.
By Bonnie Burke
Bossburg... A Shadow of Former Glory Days
Recalling a small town in Northeast Washington, lost with Grand Coulee Dam
By Katie Nordhagen German American Society
Information and about the society, including unknown photo
The Other Spokane Valley Airport: Symons-Russel Airfield
History of a Spokane Aviation Company, borne of WWI and known by many names.
By Mark Carter
The Last Day of Foster Russell Aviation Co.
Foster Russell's final flight and the death of an aviation dream.
By Mark Carter
Perilous Crossing: Four Boys in a Mortar Boat
Boys look for summer adventure on the Missouri River
By Thomas P. Bullock
Wake Island
Frank Mace's memories as a WWII prisoner of war, and The History of Wake Island
By Frank R. Mace
A Real, Live Cougar: Bring' Em Back Alive Bill Krutch
Technique for catching cougars for the Spokane Sportsmen's Show
By Dick Krutch

November 2003

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How Was the Water?
Memories of mischief on the Spokane River
By Dick Krutch
Date the Right Girl
Date a father-approved girl and get the keys to his car.
By Lawrence Bratton
Wyatt Earp and the Gold Rush of 1884
Wyatt Earp had adventures in the northwest after the OK Corral.
By John Amonson
Squeaky Clean
Cleaning the turkey with laundry soap
By Harriet M. Adams
Hawaiian Knights
Photo of Band in 1926
By Kathie Shilipetar
The Scariest Halloween Costume Ever
Scaring the ladies of the WAAC with a skeleton costume.
By Verne Alexander
A Trip to Palouse Falls
Climbing cliffs around Palouse Falls
By Kenneth Rudolph
Surviving Floods on the St. Joe
Severe flooding in the St. Joe Valley.
By Lee Carpenter
Historic Homes
The Green Home
By Nancy Compau
A Love Story
Will Bonner began to woo Laurena Leete, a switchboard operator in 1909.
By L. Bonnie Burke
Dear Old Nat...
Memories of Natatorium Park
Holden Mine
Summer work in copper mine during college.
By Sam K. Smyth
The Dynamic Life: Bonding with Charles Atlas
Charles Atlas body building ads sold this author.
By Donald Johnson
Oliver Bell's Pioneer Experiences
Settling northeastern Washington Indian uprisings
By Glenn Leitz

October 2003

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Bell's 1877 Route into Spokane County
Pioneer family travels from Snake River to Latah
By Glenn Leitz
Colfax Wheat Harvest
Hard work with mules and horses during a wheat harvest in 1914.
Author: Willard Pennell
33 Mule Team
George Horsch, Jr., harvests wheat in Ritzville with mules; mother's cook shack on wheels in 1925.
By Bernice Beyer
Never-Ending Adventure: A Frontier Teacher in the Okanogan Valley
Dorothy Strahl's first year of teaching
By Dusty Niendam
Time Measured on Jack's Clock
Jack Cannon builds wooden clocks.
By Richard Rosanova
Looking Back 90 Years: The Planes
Ninety-year-old author recalls childhood in the 1920s.
By Maynard Eash
Report Card Day
Humorous recollection of getting report card at St. Aloysius school in the 1930s.
By Dick Krutch
Missing Shoes & Green Ribbons: Freshman Initiation at Whitworth College
Freshman versus sophomores during first months of college in the 1920s & 1930s.
By Rose Sliger
We're Not Heating the Whole Outdoors!
Boy recalls wisdom of grandparents as he chinks logs for the winter.
By Tony Matz
Snakes Alive
Lifetime of snake encounters recalled, from Kansas to Spokane to Africa.
By Artye Lee Scott
To Adak and Back: From the Farm to the Tundra and Back
Author recalls army experience at the end of WWII on Adak Island, Alaska.
By Russell Carter
A Strong Matriarch: The Biography of Anna Regina German McPherson
Author recalls mother's struggles throughout her life.
By Grace McPherson Oddson

September 2003

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Faith in the Face of Hardship: The Hecht Family of Rockford
Pioneer family endures fires, death, etc.
By Hughena Hecht House
Smallpox! Whooping Cough!
Child survives two deadly diseases in 1929.
By Celeste Frost
Counter Culture: The Soda Fountain
Soda fountains are more than just a place for a treat.
By Greg Asimakoupoulos
The Romance of Pitching Hay
Old time hay pitching brings nostalgic memories.
By David A. Asson
Footballs and Fogeys: The Story of the Codger Bowl
Actor John Crawford organizes 1938 rematch between Colfax and St. John.
By Chris Dabolt
Flowers and Railroads
Peters & Sons works in both flowers and railroad business.
By Robert Peters
We Didn't Need Paul Bunyan
Young men use Model T to haul firewood; dream of organizing a band.
By Bill Davison
Spokane Summertime Treat Girls coax father to buy soda at Triple X Root Beer Drive-In on hot summer day.
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Fire Destroys Moran Prairie School
History: Fire burns school; replaced by Richland building in 1942.
By Don Olmsted
My Career as a Fuller Brush Man
Young man finds success as Fuller Brush salesman.
By Donald R. Johnson
A September to Remember: The End of the War
Marine private recalls Japanese surrender aboard USS Missouri battleship.
By Mark Carter
Cars Take Us Back
1950s era cars bring back fond memories.
By Richard L. Jones
Saving Daylight Saving
Background of daylight saving policy.
By Marla Hyder
Bewildered by First Grade
A young boy is confused by first day at Catholic school.
By Dick Krutch

August 2003

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Last of Spokane's Blacksmiths: The Lost Music of the Iron Hammer
Story of albert "Al" E. Leeson as a blacksmith in Spokane.
By Mona Leeson Vanek
My 1927 Model T
A Boy's First Car
By Walter Beyer
Memories Shared or Lost
Nostalgic Memories
By Richard L. Jones
Key Words: Memories
Date: 1960s
Location: Spokane In Her Own Words: A Diary of Life During Washington's First Days of Statehood
The Early Days of Washington
By Linda Mesinar
Historic Homes: The Spear Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Graveyard at the Greyhound Garage: A Janitor's View
A Janitor's View of the Greyhound Bus Garage in 1947.
By Rebekah Fite
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? My Memories of Sadie Baer
Working at the Bethany Old Peoples' Home
By Margaret Weyer Bartholomew
The Handsomest Milkman
Making a Living as the Milkman
By Leon Ross
Cattle Wrangling, Old West Style
A New Hobby : Cattle Wrangling
By Paul McBride
Mom's First Flight: A Grand Dam Detour
Mom's adventures of flying for the first time.
By L. Bonnie Burke
Burning Barn Brings Out the Best
Watching the Barn Burn Down
By Dorothea Whitfield Kennedy & John "Sid" Kennedy
4-H-Nurtured from the Soil of America's Farmland
History of 4-H
By Rebekah Fite
A Sixty-Year Friendship
Japanese American Women Form Strong Relationships.
By Rose Sliger
Lunch Box Memories
Lunch Boxes Through the Years
photos courtesy Smithsonian's National Museum of American History
Hot Day at the Empress
Watching Movies at the Empress Theater
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles

July 2003

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The Perfect Crime
A Boy Steals Sweets from Nuns at St. Aloysius Church in 1936.
By Dick Krutch
My Secret Hiding Place
Memories of a Child
By Lillian "Bonnie" Burke
Visions of Yesteryear
Everyday Life in the 1940s
By Susan J. Maher
From Coast and Camp to the Inland Empire: The Japanese-American Story
Japanese Americans Take Comfort in Spokane
By Rose Sliger
Coeur d'Alene's 1890 Fourth of July Extravaganza
The Experiences of a Coeur d'Alene Citizen
By George Wood
The Covered Bridges Near Colfax: A Sentinel of Days Gone By
A Fascination for Covered Bridges and the Stories They Tell
By Frank F. Tobie
Paging Through a World War II Scrapbook
Cherished Memories by Louis Tomsha of World War II
By Marla L. Hyder
In Celebration of Ritzville's Pioneers
Establishing the Ritzville Community
By Nancy Burke
Logging Mills Before 1900
Logging in Washington Territory
By Charles M. Scammon
Footloose and Fancy-Free
How Children Play
By Dale Bacon
Imprinting Memories on the Hearts of a New Generation
Thank God for Great-Grandma
By Benjamin Graybill
Imprinting Memories on the Hearts of a New Generation
Someone Important to Me
By Bentley
Imprinting Memories on the Hearts of a New Generation
Everyone Loves My Grandpa
By Abi Hohenstreet
Imprinting Memories on the Hearts of a New Generation
The Foundation of Our Family
By Cait Pulver
The Davis Rocking Chair
Poem About a Rocking Chair
By Jewel Gore
Historic Homes: The Spokesman-Review Contest Home
Cannon Hill Park Housing
By Nancy Gale Compau

June 2003

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Going Underground with the Lilac Lady
History of Spoofing Lilac Festival Buttons made by Dan Eagle.
By Marla L. Hyder
Everything's Coming Up Lilacs
Emergence of Lilacs
By Dan W. Eagle
"I Found a Million Dollar Baby " at Woolworth's Five and Ten
History of Woolworth's Business
By Rebekah Fite
When My "Heifer" Became a "Steer"
A Pastor's Embarrassing Moment
By Rev. Leon Ross
Sweet Indecisions
The Tasty Temptations of an Old-Fashioned Candy Store
By Cheryl Divine-Jonas
Growing Pains and Puppy Love
Growing Up in the Eyes of a Teenage Girl
By Lillian "Bonnie" Burke
The Time That Was
The Struggles of Moving to Grand Coulee in 1933.
By Dusty Niendam
Inspired by Grand Coulee
Memories of the Grand Coulee Dam
By Elizabeth Lindsay
More Than a Game: Spokane Hundred-Year Love Affair with the Indians Baseball
History of the Spokane Indians Based on "A Century of Baseball"
For the Love of the Land
Farming With a New Tractor in 1937.
By Marla L. Hyder
I Survived the A-Bomb
Memories of the Atomic Bomb dropping on Japan.
By Frank R. Mace
Lumbering in Washington Territory
Experiences of a Washington Territory Logger
By Charles M. Scammon
Welcome to the Coeur d'Alene of 1890
Moving to boomtown, Coeur d'Alene
By George Wood
Historic Homes: The Huneke Home
By Nancy Gale Compau

May 2003

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Married on the Stage of the Dazzling Fox Theater
Effie Tate and Ralph Dicken wed on the Stage of Fox Theatre.
By Marla L. Hyder My Dream
Poem About the Comfort of a Mother
By Jolene Weller Feher
Adventurous Progress
The Nation's History of Successes, from sailing ships to space shuttles
By Leon Ross
The Ship That Wouldn't Sink
History of the USS Chincoteague AVP 24
By Frank D. Murphy
Arcadia Orchards: Building a Fruitful Empire
The Hardships of Arcadia Orchards
By Rebekah Fite
Picking Cucumbers & Stealing Skeletons in Pasadena Park
Growing Up During the Depression
By Dick Bazard
Despite Destruction, Optimism Prevailed
Whitworth's Suffrage Caused by Fire in 1927.
By Heather McCummins
From the Pen of the Crooner
A Glimpse into Bing Crosby's Life in 1934.
By Bing Crosby
"Livin' the Life of Lifebouy"
History of Lifebuoy Toilet Soap.
By Donald R. Johnson
Mother's Tea Party . . .and Other Mishaps
Childhood Memories of Dale Bacon
By Dale Bacon
Forbidden Pictures of Grand Coulee Dam
Touring the Grand Coulee Dam in 1940.
By Kenneth Rudolph
"Not Worth a Tinker's Dam"
"Tinker's" Photograph Conveys Memories of the Past
By Gerald Stiller
Milking Spokane For All It's Worth
How Children Spent Money in the 1920's
Historic Homes
Living in Peaceful Valley
By Nancy Gale Compau
> I Remember When I Got My First Job
Working for the Northern Pacific Railroad
By Verne Alexander

April 2003

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Average National Retail Gasoline Prices
We Built a Farm
Winning a Farm and Much More
By Gloria Marie Spiegel Nelson
The First "Orange Julius"
Emergence of the Popular Orange Julius
By Lillian "Bonnie" Burke
The Grande Old Auditorium Theatre
The History of the Auditorium Theatre
By Kelly Siebe
My First Date at the Rialto Theater
Memories Cherished in the Rialto Theater in Hillyard.
By Bill Ferguson
Victory Heights
Growing up in Victory Heights
By John "Jack" Gation, Jr.
A Little Home-Cookin' and a Lot of Beer at the Stop-In Tavern
A CafÚ Turned Into a Tavern
By Jim Gramps
Walking Out on the Cold War
Spokane Evacuates Buildings in Response to Cold War
Detective Homer Hall: The "Rock of Gibraltar"
The Life of Role Model, Homer Hall
By Marla L. Hyder
Smythe's Ford Reveals the Secrets of Yesteryear
The Meeting Place of Many Travelers: Hangman Creek
By Glenn Leitz
Hiding Under the Boardwalk
How the Coeur d'Alene Mining District was Taken Over
By Clay Nelson
From Walking Plow to Gleaner Combine
Farming Through Four Generations in Davenport.
By Robert Gunning
Another Mischievous Youngster Reformed in Sunday School
How Sunday School Transformed a Young Boy
By Al-Jack Dymond
How to Kill Three Men Without Serving Time
Living in the Valley with "Pete"
By Lew Ward
The Seasons
Poem About the Changing Seasons
By Donald R. Johnson
I Remember When The Great Depression Changed My Life
Great Depression Hardships
By Zelma Ellis, Joanne Schauer & Irene Brinson
Historic Homes
History of the Kuhn/Reid Home
By Nancy Gale Compau

March 2003

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Spokane Falls and Cheney Duke It Out for the County Seat
The fight between Spokane and Cheney for the county seat.
By Chris Dabolt
Claiming Outer Space for "Cougar Country"
WSU Cougar button travels to space with alumnus Astronaut John Fabian
By Dan Eagle
Catching the "B" Fever
History of the First Annual State High School "B" Tournament
By Marla L. Hyder
The Piranhas of 1965
The Story of the Harrington Panther's Triumph in Basketball in 1965.
By Marla L. Hyder
Electricity Was in the Air: The Interurban Electric Railroads
The Idea of a Different Mode of Transportation: electric railroads
By Marla L. Hyder
The Whitworth Rock
How the Chiseling of a Rock Could Have Changed History
By Janet Hauck
"Living with Beauty" at Marycliff Catholic Girls' School
History of the Marycliff School
By Kelly Siebe
You Can't Beat Flying
A Boys Airplane Fascination
By Bill Davison
'Lectric Train Recollections
Memories of the Electric Railroad
By Wilmer Siegert
Poetry Searches for Radiance
Poem About the Search for Radiance
By Beatrice Knorr
Historic Homes: Spokane's Electrical Home
Home Demonstrated Electrical Features
By Nancy Gale Compau

February 2003

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The Spokane Coliseum: A Dream Becomes Reality
How the Spokane Coliseum Evolved
By Kelly Siebe
A Cigar, A Paper, and Some Good Conversation at P.M. Jacoy
A "Hangout" for Businessmen: The Washington Cigar Store
By Marla L. Hyder
A Rawhide Railroad No Coyote Could Consume
How Dr. Dorsey Syng Baker built the "Rawhide Railroad"
By Jeffery Ives
Born in a Cave
A Story On How People Lived During Hard Times
By Melva Spurgeon
Prohibition from the Other Side of the Law
Enforcing the Prohibition Law
By Jean Amy Adams
The One That Got Away
The Story of the 1920 Sedan at an Auction Sale in 1926.
By Grant Lundin
Substitute Soldiers in the National Guard
How Leon Ross Became a Member of the National Guard underage.
By Leon Ross
From Hell to Heaven, By Way of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District
History of Coeur d'Alene's Mining District
By Gene Hyde
A Fabulous Horse Ends Up in Camelot
A Boy's Pet Horse
By Lewis Ward
A Son of a Son of a Pioneer
The Adventures of a Pioneer
By Don Olmsted
Destroying the Creation
The Haywood Trial: Crushing the Union at the Bunker Hill Mine in 1899.
By Clay Nelson
Cokes and Cockroaches at the Crescent Soda Fountain
A Day in the Eyes of a Crescent Soda Fountain Worker
By Thomas J. Summerson
Historic Homes: The Turner Home
By Nancy Gale Compau

January 2003

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Two Parades in One Day
The Day the Parades Came to Town
By Dick Krutch
The Day the Division Street Bridge Collapsed
The Collapsing of the Division Street Bridge in 1915.
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Soap Lake's History of Healing
The Discovery of a Lake that Tasted and Felt Soapy
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Poem About Snow
By Jolene Weller Feher
Prohibition: The Long Dry Spell
The Hardships Prohibition Created
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Drunken Pigs, Inebriated Chickens, and Baffled Mounties
The Effects of Homemade Liquor
By Margaret Bartholomew
We Weren't All Like Al Capone
The Business of Whiskey
By Marla L. Hyder
A Goose Tale
What Happens to Intoxicated Geese
By Laurance B. Holm
Getting Caught Making Whiskey
By Louis Tomsha
Selling Whiskey to Bootleggers
By Gertie Banks
In the Nick of Time!
Band Member Had Pants Unzipped
By Bill Davison
Kinman Business University
Preparing Students for the World of Business
By Marla L. Hyder
Report from a KBU Journalist
Brief Description of Kinman Business University
By Leon Ross
A Night Unparalleled
Ice Skating on Twin Lakes
By Marilyn Miley Wagenius
Squab Hunting Under the Monroe Street Bridge
The Adventure of Hunting for Squabs
By Al-Jack Dymond
Behind the Scenes with Broadcaster Bob Briley
History of Bob Briley
By Marla L. Hyder
The Name Controversy: Hangman vs. Latah Creek
The Controversy of a Stream Name
By Glenn Leitz
Historic Homes: Cunningham/ Kearns Home
By Nancy Gale Compau

December 2002

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Our Farragut Sailor Boys
How Sailors Adapted a New Home
By Jean Amy Adams
Money Laundering and Other Adventures at The Davenport Hotel
Working and Discovering at the Davenport Hotel
By Ken Davis
The Talking Telegraph Comes to the Inland Empire
How the Telegraph Came to the Inland Empire
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Spokane's First Lady of Commerce
Thoughts on the Crescent Department Store
By Donald R. Johnson
The Forgotten Warriors of Kaneohe
Remembering the Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay
By John "Sid" Kennedy
History Resurrected in Walla Walla's Pioneer Pageant
Actors Portray the Settling of Washington Territory on Stage
By Jeffery Ives
Christmas Celebrations on the Red Clay Farm
Remembering Christmas During the Great Depression
By Jolene Weller Feher
In Mother's Footsteps
Poem About a Mother
By Jolene Weller Feher
A Spokane Landmark Lives On
The Originality of the Cooper-George Apartment Building
By Marla L. Hyder
Rolling Along on my Christmas Skates
The Memories Evoked by Roller Skates
By Rita Hawley Cencich
Celebrating a Centennial of Methodist Ministry in Edwall
History of Edwall's Methodist Church
By Joan Moos
Two Lives, One Moment in History, Two Destinies
The Lives of Levi Hutton and Harry Orchard
By Clay Nelson
Depression Days In North Idaho
Living Depressed Days in Coeur d'Alene
By Harriet M. Adams
I Remember When the Snow Was So Deep
Memories of Snow
By Charles "Mike" Hansen, Sid Kennedy, Ray O'Keefe
Historic Homes: The Fotheringham Homes
By Nancy Gale Compau

November 2002

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The Life and Times of May Arkwright Hutton
History of May Arkwright Hutton
By Dr. Debra E. Lis
Getting Out the Vote
The Significance of Voting
By Marilyn M. Wagenius
"Pure Guts": Surviving 1219 Days as a POW
Surviving a Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camp
By Ernest Tarter
The Waitsburg Story
History of Waitsburg
By Bettie Lloyd Chase
The "True" Story of the First Fifty Years
History of True's Oil Company
Spokane's Sweetheart Meets a Tragic End
Early Morning Horse Ride Ended Wheeler Bonner's Life
By Marla L. Hyder
Gonzaga vs. WSC: The Game for Life
The Unexpected Gonzaga Win
By Patrick Higgins
The Day the Stock Market Crashed
The Crashing of the Stock Market
By Marla L. Hyder
From Civil War Colonel to Civil Philanthropist: David P. Jenkins
A Story of a Well-Rounded Man: David P. Jenkins
By Marla L. Hyder
Going to Town
Memories of Growing Up Outside Jerome, Idaho
By Dusty Niendam
A City Galvanized by Aluminum
History of Kaiser Aluminum
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Henry J. Kaiser: A Happy Elephant
The Success of Henry J. Kaiser
By Rita Kymm Blodgett
Lost Liberty Park
The Discovery of Liberty Park
By Sally Reynolds
I Remember When I Pulled a Funny Childhood Prank
Memories of Childhood Pranks
By Gerald Stiller, Rev. Don Meekhof, Cora Oliver, Bill Davison & Sid Kennedy
Historic Homes: Carson/Clemmer/Larrabee Home
By Nancy Gale Compau

October 2002

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Lumberjacks of Yesteryear
History of Lumberjacks Working Along St. Joe River
By Lee Carpenter Jr.
Stepping Back in Time to Steptoe
History Colonial Steptoe and His Troops
By Glenn Leitz
The Long Road to Pine City
The Travels of Andrew Jackson Smith
By Roy Smith
How Two Pioneer Families Became One
A Story of Two Soul Mates
By Kay Minnick Carrick
Gypsies, Groceries, and Growing Up In Pine City
Granddaughter Recalls Grandfathers Effects on Town
By Violet Smith Wolff
Experiencing the Depths of Darkness in an Idaho Mine
A Day in the Eyes of a Miner
By Bob Reilly
Banking on One Hundred Years of History at Washington Trust
The Success of Washington Trust
By Ed Clark
Key Words: Banks
Antoine Plante: Mountain Man, Miner, Guide & Ferryman
A Glimpse Into the Life of Antoine Plante
By Jerome Peltier
The Night the Glenrose School Burned Down
Watching the Glenrose School Burn Down in 1936.
By Bill Davison and Carl Bernson
St. Ann's Catholic Church: A Sanctuary for a Century
History of St. Ann's Catholic Church
By Ann Colford
Red's Kids: Dancing Through the Years with the Silver Spurs
Teenagers Entertain Themselves By Dancing
By Marla L. Hyder
Silver Spurs Taught More Than Dancing
Mentor Taught Teenagers Lessons Beyond Dancing
By Artye L. (Smith) Scott
Historic Homes: The Mathieu Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
I Remember When I Went to My First Fair
First Fair Memories
By Hilda MacArthur, Laverne Meekhof, Dori Elias & Don Johnson

September 2002

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Rebel With a Cause: Marie Frances Young Woolcott
Story of a Liberated Women
By Rae Anna Victor
Growing Up as a "Dam Kid:
Working on the Grand Coulee Dam
By Calvin Weimer
Surviving Grand Coulee Dam
The Dangers of Working on the Grand Coulee Dam
By Charlotte Freet-Northam
Mammoth Finds
History of Mammoths in Hangman Creek.
By Glenn Leitz
Now for the Rest of the Story. . .Clearing Up a WWI Mystery
John Carl's Life Before and After World War I
By John S. Kennedy
When Burgan's Was More Than Furniture
How the Burgan Furniture Store Evolved
By Marla L. Hyder
Our Caveman, Olie
Investigation of a Hidden Cave
By Dusty Niendam
Gimmicks, Ragamuffins, and Busy Times at the Davenport Hotel
A Glimpse Into the Davenport Hotel
From a conversation with James Hamilton LaFar
A Fair to Remember: 116 Years of the Spokane Interstate Fair
Memories of the Spokane Interstate Fair
By Marla L. Hyder
Living at the Lake
Living on a Twin Lake
By Marilyn Wagenius
Historic Homes: The Huetter Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Story of a Spokane Criminal
By Daniel Gore
Happy Years in the Melrose Grocery
Growing Up in the Melrose Grocery Store
By Ila Granlund

August 2002

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Music Maestro
The Story of Musician, Russ Andre
By Donald R. Johnson
The "Wright" Street to Live On
Memories of Living on Wright Street
By Florence Wurtz Lancaster with Agnes Wurtz Koch & Elizabeth Hartley
Notorious Outlaw Harry Tracy Meets His Demise
The Life of Armed Robbery Convict, Harry Tracy
By articles from the Lincoln County Times
Spanning a Century: A 105-Year-Old Remembers Life As It Was
Living Through the Entire Twentieth Century
By Midge Bartlson
The Wild Bunch of Washington
Walter Wilde Jr.'s Adventures of Life
By Terry Wilde Spear
Company Picnic at Natatorium Park
Fun Times at Nat Park
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Royal Riblet: The Man Who Reinvented the Wheel
Royal Riblet's Improved Invention
Excerpted from Eagle's Nest: Home and Workshop of Royal Riblet by Barbara Loste
Riblets Memories and More. . .
Painting the Riblet Mansion
By Maribel Bailey Sullivan
A Dog with a Mind of Its Own
Moving to Spokane with a Dog
By Bill Davison
It's 100 Years for the Spokane Lutheran School
History of the Spokane Lutheran School
By Maynard Eash
Historic Homes: The Kendall Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Spokane's Solution to Parking Garages
Pigeon Hole Parking Garages
By Marla L. Hyder

July 2002

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The History of Moran United Methodist Church
Moran United Methodist Church Through the Years
By Ardis Zacher Storms with contributions from Sid Kennedy
Old-Time Methodist Circuit Riders
Circuit Riders Bring Gospel to Their Community
By Marla L. Hyder
My Life: Growing Up In the Kettle River Country
Memories of the Kettle River Country
By Mabel Ruth Sharp Douglas Wood
See You at "The Spot"
A Place Where Teenagers Gather
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Life at Spokane College
Reliving the Days Spent at Spokane College
By Jeffry Sims
The Last House on Spring Street
Memories of Glenrose House
By Bill Davison
Historic Homes: Riverside Avenue Townhouses
By Nancy Gale Compau
GR8 PL8S: Great License Plates & Their History
A Fascination for License Plates
By Dick Riggs
A Trip to Steamboat Rock and the Grand Coulee
The Thrill of Riding a Steamboat Through Grand Coulee
By Don Olmsted
The Stokes Family: Pioneers of Grand Coulee Dam
How the Grand Coulee Dam Pioneers Lived
By Jean Nicholson
Grand Coulee Cleaners
How Grand Coulee Cleaners Began
By Birdie Hensley
Steamboat Rock, The Legend of the Distant Hills
Poem about Steamboat Rock
By Dusty Niendam
A Story About a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
How a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Can Survive Several Years
By Dick Clauss
The History of Peanut Butter
The Origins of Peanut Butter
Spokane County Casualties of World War I
List of World War I Casualties
researched and compiled by John R. Tuft

June 2002

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A Border Town in the 1920s and 1930s
How Kingsgate, B.C. and Eastport, Idaho Came Together
By Jeff Sims
The High-Flying Exploits of Mamer-Schreck
The Success of Nick Mamer and Roy Schreck
By Leon Ross
The History of Aviation
Timeline of Aviation
By compiled by Monica Sullivan
My Newspaper Route
The Life of a Spokesman-Review Paperboy
By David Nemitz
Spokane Sorosis: Studying and Serving Since 1891
Adventures of a Woman's Club
Compiled by Joan Williams
History of the U.S. Flag
Learning About the U.S. Flag
Chicken Every Sunday
Trading a Ford V-8 for Chickens
By Donald R. Johnson
Wilbur Re-Visited
Love Letters Uncover the Past of Wilber
By Lynne Peterson
Huckleberry-Picking Antics
How the Lunsford Family Picked Huckleberries
By Norman Lewis
Historic Homes: The Crane House
By Nancy Gale Compau
Class Action: A Night of Reunions
Story of Reuniting
By James A. Nelson
I Don't Like You Anymore
By Winnie Moore

May 2002

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Manito Park: The Gardens, the Zoo, the Fun
Getting to Know Manito Park
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
My First Day in Sandpoint, Idaho
Living in Sandpoint
By Delia Holton
Historic Homes: The Poe/ Nelson Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Theaters of Downtown Spokane
Spokane Theatres Through the Years
By Carolyn Hage Nunemaker
Singing With Bing
Mildred Bailey's Experiences With Bing Crosby
By Don Eagle
The Class of 1950 (A Gentle Time)
John Rogers High School Memories
By James A. Nelson
Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spokane from Eight Decades Ago
Remembering Spokane Eight Decades Ago
By Maynard Eash
Old Wagon
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Prizewinning Poem from the book "Spokane is a
By Florence Boutwell

April 2002

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Sunday Drives Last Forever
The Joys of Sunday Drives
By James A. Nelson
Kootenai County, Idaho
The Adventures of Living in Kootenai County, Idaho
By Tony and Suzanne Bamonte
Historic Homes: The "House of Tomorrow"
The French Chateau Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway Photographs
Story of the Missing Glass Photo Plates
By Eppe Bosch
He Lit Up The Town with a Jack-Knife
Charles Geib Lit Up Spokane with His Jack-Knife
By Louise Alger
Up Ruby Creek
History of Ruby Creek, Idaho
By Cora Oliver
Springtime When I Was a Child
Why Wearing Long Underwear Was Horrible
By Pauline Kask
Growing Up on a Ranch in Tonasket
Growing Up on a Ranch
By Donald R. Johnson

March 2002

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American Sign and Indicator
The Life of Luke G. Williams
By Luke G. Williams
Spreading the Vine of First Nazarene for 100 Years
Finding the First Church of Nazarene
By Rev. James Tapley
Georgetown School District #3
History of Georgetown School District
By Grant Lundin
The Missing Glass Photo Plates
Photo Collection of the Construction of Spokane Falls and Northern Railroad Company
By Eppe Bosch
Chow! Chow! Falls City Pickle Works: Bringing Condiments to Spokane
How Condiments Were Brought to Spokane
By Rebecca Anne Harmon
The Waterdog Shack
The Waterdog Shack Helps Fishermen
By James A. Nelson
Historic Homes: The Franklin House
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Town of "Old Metaline" in the Late 1800s
History of Metaline
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
A Family Treasure
By James A. Nelson

February 2002

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The Davenport Family
History of the Davenport Family
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Anna Stratton Browne: A Victorian Enigma, Part II
History of Anna Stratton Browne
By Jean Amy Adams
Historic Homes: The Glover/ Richards Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Teacher Who Made A Difference
Remembering An Inspirational Teacher: Miss Rapp
By James A. Nelson
Bonnie Lake: A Wild West Setting in the Northern Palouse
What Bonnie Lake Was Like in the 1920s
By Glen Leitz
History of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Spokane
The Lives of Spokane's Electrical Workers
By Milt Rowland
Life in the Kettle River Gold Mining Co. Era
How Urbe Hauer Invested in a Gold Mine
By Miriam R. Hauer
After Pearl Harbor: A Colville Soldier Remembers
Experiencing Pearl Harbor Through the Eyes of a Soldier
By Dale Walston
A Place In The Sun
Poem About Sun
By James A. Nelson

January 2002 (Sold Out)

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Long Held Myths & Misconceptions About Davenport Hotel
Myths and Truths About Davenport Hotel
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Anna Stratton Browne-A Victorian Enigma, 1855-1936
History of Anna Stratton Browne
By Jean Amy Adams
Salvation Army Building: Soap, Soup and Salvation
Historical Notes on the Salvation Army in Spokane
By Linda Yeomans
Historic Homes: Blanding's Dream House
By Nancy Gale Compau
St. Anne's Children's Home: The House of Hope
How An Organization Answers a Variety of Needs
By Marybeth Rickel
Serving Spokane for a Century: Watts Wheel and Automotive Service
How Watts Wheel and Automotive Service Served Spokane
By Rebecca Anne Harmon
The Piano Lady
How the Piano Lady Filled J.J. Newberry's Dime Store With the Sound of
By James A. Nelson
Window Washing at the Paulsen
How John Andrew Washed Windows on the Paulsen Building
By John E. Andrew
By Ruth Leventon

December 2001

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Christmas 1929
Buying Christmas Presents for the Family
By Pauline C. Kask
He Owes Russia $1200 but. . .I Owe Bob Hope $9.00
How Don Eagle Played at the Bob Hope Show
By Don Eagle
Putting the Finger on Hope
Making a Record with Bob Hope
By Dan W. Eagle
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Traveling During Christmas
By James A. Nelson
J.J. Browne
The Life of J.J. Browne
By Rebecca Anne Harmon
Spanning the Spokane River in Steel
Getting the Trains Across the Spokane River Falls
By Marla Meekhof
To The Chicago World's Fair In A Reefer-There's No Trip That Could Be Cheaper
Traveling to the World Fair
Story told by Dan W. Eagle
Up Deadman Creek in the 1940s
What Deadman Creek Was Like in the 1940s
By Miriam Rowell Hauer
Historic Homes: The Hart Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Expensive Tree
Waiting Until the Last Minute To Get a Christmas Tree
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
Making "Connecticut Yankee" With Bing
Singing with Bing Crosby
By Don Eagle

November 2001

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Buttercups to Myrtle Gaylord
How Myrtle Gaylord Succeeded in the Field of Journalism
By Marla Meekhof
Friday Musical Club Notes
How the Musical Club Fostered and Perpetuated Knowledge In Music
By Marla Meekhof
Racing Fire and Wind
How Alfred Clark Benton Fought a Fire in Pine Creek in 1931.
By Alfred Clark Benton
The Home 1890
A Home Away From Home For Children
By Hughena House
Historic Homes: The Codd Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Wide World Impinges on Spokane
Life in Spokane During World War II
By William Stimson
Inside an Internment Camp
Being a Japanese-American During the Attack On Pearl Harbor
By Ed Tsutakawa
Women's Voices: Echoes from World War II
A Women's Perspective on World War II
By Marybeth Rickel
Memories From the Home Front
Living Through World War I
By Hilda MacArthur
A Hero's Choice
Lieutenant Charles Gumm's Life of Flying
By Rebecca Anne Harmon
The Sharecroppers of Hangman Valley Golf Course
The Story of Twin Boys Working on a Ranch
By Larry & Gary Owens
My Grandpa
By Jasmine Lefler

October 2001

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When Grandmother Came to Spokane Falls
The Life of Mary Jane Magie
By Vivienne Ludwigson
Taking The Train to School 75 Years Ago
Traveling to School On a Train
By Maynard Eash
Teacher Meets Bully on the Oregon Trail
Story on Becoming a Teacher
By Charles A. Chandler
What a Wedding Day!
A Wedding Disaster
By Jan Kendrick
"A Paean to the Peons" of Spokane Civic Theatre
How Dorothy Darby Smith Starred at the Spokane Civic Theatre
By Marla Meekhof
Wake Up the Hired Man
A Story About Farm Workers
By Harry E. Riverside
Breadman Burch
Driving Bakery Delivery Trucks In Spokane
By Burchard Krebs
Historic Homes: The Tull Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Sagle Baseball Team
Story of a Town Baseball Team
By Ray Chapman
Hidden Valley
History of Hidden Valley,
By Clair Lundin
The City That Grabbed My Heart
Falling in Love With Spokane
By Ken Brown
Spokane's Only Medal of Honor Winner
Bruce Alan Grandstaff: Only Person From Spokane To Be Awarded the Medal of Honor
By Marla Meekhof
Folding Clean Clothes
By Jolene Weller Feher

September 2001

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A Diary of Knox Presby terian Church
History of Knox Presbyterian Church; origin of Fathers Day
By Tom Tiffany
A War Bride Comes to Spokane
A Knox Presbyterian Church Vignette
By Judy Palpant
Mary's Romance
A Knox Presbyterian Church Vignette
By Judy Palpant
My Grandfather and the Western Bottling Company
Diary of the Western Bottling Company
By Leona Garcea August
Historic Homes: The Bode Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Spokane's Genuine Looff Carousel
History of the Looff Carousel
By Marla Meekhof
Riding the Carousel
Memories of the Carousel
By Harriet Harkey-Dahl
The Carousel
By Donald R. Johnson
Elmer Carrico and His Carousel
Elmer Carrico's Memories of the Carousel
By Peggy L. Cunningham
The Lewis & Clark High School Tradition
The Different Traditions of Lewis & Clark High School
By Marla Meekhof
The Schoolmarm of Paradise School
Diary of Paradise School's Schoolmarm
By Berniece (Kassens) Lundin
Liberty Lake: From Settlement to City
Suppressing Indian Resistance at Liberty Lake
By Ronald J. Wilson
Our Autumn Garden
By Jolene Weller Feher

August 2001

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Gathering of the Clan
A Family Get Together
By Cora Oliver
Paddy, My Sister's Amazing Horse
Paddy, The Pet Horse
By Forrest Miller
The Hind Catcher
Story of a Schoolyard's Baseball Diamond
By Dorothy Nelson
Historic Homes: The Gander Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Key Words: Historic Homes
Quaking in Spokane
Spokane's Earthquakes Through Time
By Marla Meekhof
Peaceful Post Falls
A Look Into Post Falls
By Carol Perkins Smith
Wandermere Golf Course: "Spokane's Year 'Round Playground"
Playing on Wandermere's Golf Course
By Marla Meekhof
Threshing in the Good Old Days
Being Involved in the Grain Harvest in the Okanogan Valley in the 1930s.
By Donald R. Johnson
A View of North Idaho from the Tracks
The Track's Perspective of North Idaho
By Stanley Johnson
The Railroad Years, From a Woman's Perspective
Viewing the Railroad Through a Woman's Eyes
By Mary Walker
The Fiddling Twins
The Lives of Fiddling Twins
By Grant Lundin
My First Fiddle
Memories of the Fiddle
By Clair Lundin
Blasting the Swimming Hole
Saying Goodbye to the Swimming Hole
By Grandpa Dale Brown

July 2001

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My Mother, The Entrepreneur
Working During the Great Depression
By Pauline Kask
The Day Mr. Roosevelt Came to Visit
President Teddy Roosevelt's Visit to Spokane in 1911
By Frances Long Campbell
Historic Homes: The Abercrombie Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Spokane's Famous Aviator, Nick Mamer
The Story of Nick Mamer
By Marla Meekhof
Flying with Roy Shreck
The Adventures of Roy Shreck
By Marjorie J. Coombs
Elementary School Bullies
By Charlotte A. Miller
The Civilian Conservation Corps Invades the Inland Empire
History of the Civilian Conservation Corps
By Robert O. Rich
The CCC in Riverside State Park
The Civilian Conservation Corps in Spokane
By Marla Meekhof
Our 4th of July Bombardment
Having Fun with Fireworks
By Bill Allison
The Masonic Temple
History of the Masonic Temple
By Judy Alling
A Family in Uniform
Family Contributions to the War
By Jim Lyons
The Night of the Watermelon
Fruit Poem
By Donald R. Johnson

June 2001

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That Wonderful Model T Ford
How a Six-Year-Old Boy Experienced a Ford
By Maynard Eash
Dodson's Jewelers: Spokane's Oldest Jewelry Store
History of Dodson's Jewelers
By Jim Lyons
The Moran Prairie Country Store
History of the Moran Prairie Country Store
By Harold Skinner
"Hear the Voice of Lilacs Calling" The History of the Spokane Lilac Festival
The Lilac Festival Through the Years
By Marla Meekhof
Prospector Days of Ferry County
A Tribute to Ferry County
Historic Homes: The Bleecker Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Living on the St. Michael's Mission
Memories of St. Michael's Mission
By Mary Lee Abba Gaston
The Spokane Children's Theatre
History of the Children's Theatre of Spokane
By Carmen Farley & Nancy Goodrich
My Brother the Basement Cop
School Patrolman at the Wardwell Elementary School
By Merle R. Craner

May 2001

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A Ritzville Landmark: Rummer's Style Center
Providing the Community with Quality Shoes, Clothing and Service
By Donald R. Johnson
Time Marches on in the Great Northern Clock Tower
Being the Keeper of a Huge Tower Clock
By Loretta March Brown
An Adventure of a Lifetime
A Boy Scout Trip
By Art (Clarence) Swenson
Historic Homes: The Horton Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Charting for the War Effort
Working at the Spokane Army Air Depot Center
By Charlotte A. Miller
Historic Chapman Lake
Learning About Chapman Lake
By Glenn Leitz
The Story of Spokane's Union Gospel Mission
Bonnie Martin and Albert Arend's Story
By Marla Meekhof
The Long Tendrils of the Spokane Floral Association
History of the Spokane Floral Association
By Marla Meekhof
The Blakely Gardens
History of the Blakely Gardens
By Henry B. Blakely's Dream Garden
Recollections of Rickard Gwydir: Colville Indian Agent
How Rickard Gwydir became a Colville Indian Agent
Reprinted from "Recollections from the Colville Indian Agency"
A Boy's Adventures in Early Spokane
How a Boy Grew Up in Spokane
By George McAllister
Lt. Archie M. Buckley: Navy Hero, WSC Quarterback
History of Lt. Archie M. Buckley
By C. James Quann

April 2001

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The Uniting of Two Pioneer Sawmill Families
The Story of Two Pioneer Families
By Doris Schaub
The Great Northern Train Wreck of 1906
The Story of the Great Northern Train Wreck at Diamond Lake
By Marla Meekhof
Life at the Isabella Club
The First Residence Club for Women by Catholic Laywomen, 1946
By Gwen McMillen
Historic Homes: James Clark Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
What's In a Name: The Controversy Over the Origin of Spokane's Name
Is it Spokan or Spokane?
By Marla Meekhof
Bike Racing in Spokane
Bicycling: The New Sport
By Bill Elston
Cataldo Catholic School and The Man Behind the Name
The Story of Jesuit Father Joseph M. Cataldo
By Jim Lyons
One Hundred Years with the Rocklyn Zion United Methodist Church
History of the Zion Methodist Church
Adapted from "History of the Zion Methodist Church"
Grandpa's Country Store
Memories of Grandpa's Country Store in Thornton, Washington
By Evelyn Baldwin
Giants of the Past: Priest River Logging
Logging on the Priest River
By Charlotte A. Miller
Homemade Music
Growing Up With Music
By Donald R. Johnson

March 2001

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The Spokane Sons of Norway: Preserving a Heritage
A Little Bit of Norway in Spokane
By Debbie Dahl-Cole with John Ellingson
The Boyhood Days of Bing Crosby
How Bing Crosby Grew Up
By Marla Meekhof
Spokane's Passion with the State B Basketball Tournament
A New Fascination: State B Basketball
By Bill Elston
The Parkview Girl's Club
A Home Away From Home for Business Women
By Marjorie J. Coombs
Historic Homes: The Oscar Green Laberee Mansion
By Nancy Gale Compau
Washington's Own "Orient"
The History of Orient, Washington
By Marla Meekhof
Cutting the Ice
How Ice Houses Chilled Food
By Dorothy Brown
Autobiography of Jacob J. Klein
The Life of Jacob J. Klein
By Jacob J. Klein
Ushering the Fox Theatre
First Real Job: An Usherette
By Arlene Goodrich Rowles
The Mullan Military Road from Fort Walla Walla to Plante's Ferry
History of the Mullan Military Road
By Don Popejoy
Loffs Bay on Lake Coeur d'Alene
History of Loffs Bay
Museum of North Idaho

February 2001

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Spokane Garry & Daniel Drumheller Settle the Drumheller Springs Area
History of Drumheller Springs
By Marion Severud
Little Journeys Around Colville
Colville's Growth and Changes Through Time
By J.C. Harrigan
Through the Eye of the Camera: The Photographers of North Idaho
The Styles of Different Photographers of the Region
By Dorothy Dahlgren
Historic Homes: The John Dickinson Sherwood Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
A Thaw In The Big Chill: Russian Hockey Team Plays Spokane Jets
Hockey in Spokane
By Paul Delaney
Horse Racing in Spokane
History of Horse Racing in Spokane
By Gwen McMillen
The Shack Restaurant
History of the Shack Restaurant
By Jim Lyons
Memories of Idaho's "Dad" Roberts
A Man Who Lived with Nature
By Robert Bunting
Spokane High School Graduates: The Winter Class of 1900
Graduating in 1900
Bob's Secret Chili Recipe
Discovering Bob's Secret Chili Recipe
By Byron King
Ride'em Cow (boy)
Living the Dairy Life
By Donald R. Johnson

January 2001

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The Streetcar Strike of 1934
Living Through the Streetcar Strike of 1934
By Pauline C. Kask
Wallace Gamble: Photographs and Memories of a Spokane Taxi Driver
The Photographs of Taxi Driver, Wallace Gamble
By Jim Lyons
When the Telephone Wires Were On the Fence Posts
The Beginnings of Early Day Telephone Service
By Glenn Leitz
Ben Garnett's Miracle Mile
How Ben Garnett Designed Garnett Way
By Maynard Eash
Spokane's Magnificent Fox
History of the Fox Theatre
By Marla Meekhof
The Spokane Fire of 1889
The Spokane Fire of 1889
By Jim Lyons
Mount Saint Michael's Mission
History of Mount Saint Michael's Mission
By Marla Meekhof
Historic Homes: The Charles P. Robbins Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
A Tiny Schoolroom Didn't Mean a Tiny Education at Orchard Prairie School
Education at the Orchard Prairie School
By Dorothy Durheim
Newman Lake Fly-In
First Pursuit Group from Michigan Practices Taking-Off on Ice
Old Mt. Baldy
Remembering Mt. Baldy
Absent Without Leave
Playing Hooky
By Donald R. Johnson
Flashes of What Was
By Winnie Moore

December 2000

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His Magic Lives On
Having a Dad as a Magician
By Dorothy Fredericks
His Round Barn Still Stands
How A Barn Helped Support a Family in Latah, Washington
By Esther (Leonard) Hibbs
Spokane Flies High Atop the National Air Races
How It Feels to Fly Over Spokane, 1927
By Marla Meekhof
"Meet Me Under the Clock" at the Crescent Department Store
History of the Crescent Department Store
By Marla Meekhof
The First and Only Air-to-Ground Refueling
Driving Nonstop to Wenatchee
By Dan Eagle
Discovering Finch Arboretum
How Finch Arboretum Evolved
By Melissa Madsen
The First Woman Bank Teller
How Mamie Cameron Made History
By Dorothy E. Brown
Historic Homes: The Patrick S. Byrne Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Hart and Dilatush: Filling Spokane's Prescriptions Since 1918
How Prescriptions Were Delivered
By Jim Lyons
One-Room Schools
Learning in a One-Room School
By Faith McClenny
The Houses That Jack Built
Working in the Construction Industry
By Dick Kinzer

November 2000

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The Mother of Presbyterianism in Spokane: The First 75 Years
History of the First Presbyterian Church in Spokane
By Marla Meekhof
Fairchild Air Force Base: A Historic Perspective
History of the Fairchild Air Force Base
By Jim Lyons
Soaring Memories of World War II
Remembering World War II
By Jason Roberts
My First Teaching Assignment
A Teacher Relives His First Encounter with Students in Latah, Washington
By Don Johnson
Tomato-Can Golf and High Society at the Spokane Country Club
Playing Golf at the Spokane Country Club
By Marla Meekhof
A Certain Grace
Entertainment: The 3 One Armed Musicians
By Robin Amend
Historic Homes: The Waikiki Mansion
By Nancy Gale Compau
Oakesdale's J.C. Baron Flour Mill: A Family Tradition
History of Oakesdale, Washington's J.C. Baron Flour Mill
By Jon Hansen
Creating the WSU Cougar-Head Monogram
The Creation of the Cougar Logo
By Randall Johnson
The Great Rosalia Bank Robbery of 1935
How the Rosalia Bank Was Robbed
By Jim Lyons, Roy Brown & Dick Ellis

October 2000

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A Toast to the B. Schade Brewing Company
History of the B. Schade Brewing Company, 1881-1957
By Melissa Madsen
Professional Baseball Comes to Spokane
Introducing Spokane to Baseball
By Bill Elston
WWII Boyhood Memories
Remembering WWII
By Don Johnson
Mother Joseph: Sacred Heart of the Pacific Northwest
The Story of Mother Joseph and Building Sacred Heart Hospital
By Jim Lyons
Looking Back 50 Years at Nursing
How Nursing Was Different 50 Years Ago
By Margaret K. Grafmiller
Coming Home to the Academy Retirement Community
Holy Names Academy becomes The Academy Retirement Community.
By Marla Meekhof
The Legend of Wild Willie Willey
The Nature Man
By Jon Hansen
Historic Homes: Cannon's Mansion
A.M. Cannon's Mansion
By Nancy Gale Compau
The First Days of Camp Sweyolakan
Remembering Camp Sweyolakan
By Dorothy Brown
A Heady Road to a Remote Country Schoolhouse
How a Young Girl Became a Teacher
By Dorothy Fredericks
An Athletic Event
First College Football Game Experience
By Florence Keller

September 2000

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Historic Homes: Austin Corbin II Home
Neoclassical-style Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Whitworth Wins a National Baseball Title in 1960
Whitworth College's Baseball Victory of 1960
By Bill Elston
To the Beat of the Drum
How the Drumming Band was Created
By Virginia Dempsey Woods
Flying My Flight Plan
Experience of Airplane Pilot Ann Stewart Yeend, 1944
By Ann Yeend
Steptoe's Revenge
Colonel Steptoe's Story of Revenge, 1893
By Chris Dabolt
Remembering the Fragrance of Freshly Mown Hay
The Scent of Freshly Mown Hay, 1930s
By Luella Dow
The Palouse Wheat Harvest
History of the Palouse Wheat Harvest
By Nancy M. Prevost
"I Gotcha, Charlie I Gotcha!"
The Story of Louie Sam in Latah, Washington
By Marshall B. Shore
Living Atop a Mountain
Fire Lookout on Frost Point Mountain
By Bob Liepold
How Fort George Wright Got Its Name
The Origins of Fort George Wright's Name
By Jon Hansen
The Buffalo Soldiers of Spokane
History of Fort George Wright
By Jon Hansen
The History of Nine Mile Falls
Nine Mile Falls, Washington
By Benita Mason

August 2000

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Historic Homes: The Henry J. Kaiser Home
The Henry J. Kaiser Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Historic Clark House on Hayden Lake, Idaho
History of the Clark House
By Suzanne & Tony Bamonte
F. Lewis and Winifred Clark
Biography of F. Lewis and Winifred Clark
By Monty Danner
Painting Spokane
Early Pioneer Families, Lawton and Bump
By John W. Lawton
Spokane's Natatorium Trolley Park
Experiencing Natatorium Trolley Park
By Karen Patton DeSeve
Mrs. Kline Brought the Sandwiches
Making Sandwiches for Social Gatherings, 1912
By Cora Oliver
A Tour of the Early Day in Wallace, Idaho
History of Wallace, Idaho
By Suzanne & Tony Bamonte
Glory Days of the Riverboats on the Pend Oreille River
Experiencing Riverboats
By Faith McClenny
Gonzaga University and University of Idaho Share the 1950 NCAA Boxing Title
Boxing Between Gonzaga University and University of Idaho
By Bill Elston

July 2000

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Bud Ward, Spokane's First National Golf Champion
Bud Ward's Story, 1930s
By Bill Elston
Shriners Shine Through Centuries of Secrecy
Principal Activities of Masons Through the Decades
By Jack Poole
The Tenacious Town of Hunters
History of Hunters, Washington.
By Dianne Eppler
The Quilt Circle
Mathilda Anderson's Desire for Fashion
By Eleanor Ellis Laubach
Historic Homes: The Louis Davenport/ Richard Porter Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Vacationing at Priest Lake, ID
Fun Times at Priest Lake, Idaho, 1920s
By Lucille Coates McMillan
Mullan, Idaho: Celebrating the Fourth of July
Fourth of July Celebration in Mullan, Idaho, 1905
By Evelyn Keppner Smith
Wreck of the "S" Bridge on the Northern Pacific Railroad
The Northern Pacific Railroad bridge between Mullan, Idaho and Lookout Pass, Idaho
from the Idaho State Tribune
The Davenport Hotel
Learning About the Davenport Hotel
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Proud to Serve
Jack Johnson's War Experiences
By Don Johnson
Marguerite Motie: The First "Miss Spokane"
How Marguerite Motie Became "Miss Spokane", 1912
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
The Alleged Theft of the Monroe Street Bridge Design
The Happenings of the Monroe Street Bridge Design, 1910
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Family Lines
A Lyons Family Fishing Tradition, 1956
By Jim Lyons
My Home Town: Thornton, Washington
Living in Thornton, Washington, 1920s
By Evelyn Baldwin
Tom Aspend, Colville's Colorful Barber
Humoristic Barber in Colville, Washington
By Shirley Dodson, 1885
Little Journeys Around Colville
Colville Memories
By the Editor of the Colville Examiner
My First Love
Why a Little Girl Loved Her Father
By Audry Cowen

June 2000

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Historic Homes
The James Monaghan Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Old National Building
History of the Old National Building
By Richard "Dick" Hoover
They Don't Make Them as "TUFF" as They Used To!
Story of Carl Ellingsen sports star
By Bill Elston
The Originator of Father's Day
How Father's Day Evolved, 1910
By Steven L. Whiteside
The B.R. Lewis Lumber Company
Coeur d'Alene's First Major Sawmill
By Tony Bamonte
Mysteries Surround the Death of Famous Pioneer Mill Operator Joseph Heinrich
A Spokane County Pioneer Mystery Story
By Glenn Leitz
Waterville's Historic Hotel
History of Waterville's Historic Hotel
By Laura Arksey
Childhood Folly
Being Daddy's Girl and the Baby Sister
By Margaret Horchler
The Dance Lesson
Remembering Freshman Year of High School, 194
By Eleanor Ellis Laubach
A Step Through Time: The Steptoe Story
History of Steptoe
By Mrs. Nancy Cochran's Eighth-Grade Class
James Monaghan: Profile of an Early Pioneer
James Monaghan's Profile
By Suzanne Bamonte
The Beginnings of the Spokane Police Department
How the Spokane Police Department Began
Reprinted from a 1902 brochure
Joel Warren: Spokane's Famous Chief of Police
Joel Warren's Profile
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Early Inland Northwest Serial Murders
The Beginning of Serial Murders
The Nation's Oldest Active Murder Case: Newport, Washington
A Critique from Timothy Egan's book Breaking Blue
By Scott Crocker

May 2000

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Historic Homes
Seaton/Segerstrom Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
Spokane's Lost Garden - The Moore-Turner Garden
Discovering A Garden on Seventh Avenue
By Marion Severud
The History of Betts Oil Company
How Betts Oil Company Evolved
By Raymond L. "Ray" Betts
Once Upon a Time. . .Gonzaga University Played Football
How Gonzaga University Once Played Football, 1920s
By Bill Elston
The Newspapers of Spokane
How Spokane Newspapers Evolved
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Sacred Heart School of Nursing: A Home Away From Home
The Comforts of Sacred Heart School of Nursing, 1940s
By Eleanore McKenna
Rootless in Spokane
Finding the Roots of Spokane, 1936
By Marji C. Lyvers
Okanogan to Seattle in 1918
The Okanogan to Seattle Road Trip
By Laura Arksey
Northwestern Business College
Photos of Northwestern Business College, 1943
Photos Courtesy Thelma Shriner
Sweet Peas for Polly
Admiring Polly Bemis, A Chinese Lady, 1933
By Robert Bunting
Early Days of Freeman, Washington
Remembering Freeman, WA, 1937
By Layton Baldwin
The Metaline Extension of "The Blackwell Road"
Why the Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad Was Called the "Blackwell Road"
By Eva Gayle Six
The Stevens County Historical Society: From 1903 to 2000
Stevens County Historical Society, 1903-2000
By Marian Garvey
Peaceful Valley
Written Documentation of Peaceful Valley
By Nancy Gale Compau
Murder in Peaceful Valley
How the Murder of Peaceful Valley Happened, July 8, 1893
By Warren Schneider

April 2000 (Sold Out)

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From Miss Spokane to Miss America Pageant
The Story of Laura Eva King: Miss Spokane 1927
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
The National Parks Highway Tour of 1916
Driving the Highways of 1916
By Laura Arksey
Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse
Establishing Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse, 1928
Going Slow & Smelling the Sagebrush
Driving During the 1930s
By Don Johnson
Historic Homes
Burgess L. Gordon's Home
By Nancy Gale Compau
The Early Days of Cheney
History of Cheney, Washington
By Clara G. Dennis
Sixteen Cords of Education
Keeping Young Boys Busy Chopping Firewood
By Al Jack Dymond
The Invention of the Telephone and Its Introduction to the Inland Northwest
The Effects of the Telephone to the Inland Northwest
By Dean Ladd
For Gram With Love
A Love Story for Grandma, 1939
By Yvonne H. Beldin
The Arthur Jones Company
Founder of Spokane's Oldest Real Estate Company
By Tony Bamonte
The Great Wandermere Ski-Jump
Spokane's Ski Tournament, 1934
By Jeffry Sims
The Spokane Symphony
Looking Into the Spokane Symphony, 1945-2000
By Anne Anderson
From Calaboose to High Rise: Jails of Spokane
Spokane's Jails, 1881-1919
By J.M. Moynahan
Growing Up in Stevens County
Learning About Stevens County, 1930
By Ray O'Keefe
The First Murder in Spokane Police Ranks
Spokane's First Police Officer Death
By Mary E. Parker

March 2000 (Sold Out)

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Spokane Club: Through the Looking Glass of Change
History of the Spokane Club
By Patti Redd
The Pigeon Caper
Catching Pigeons under the Monroe Street Bridge, 1936
By Marjie C. Livers
Where the Hunt Begins
Working in the Springdale Coffee Shop & Hotel During Hunting Season, 1949
By Cora Oliver
Hazen & Jaeger: Gracious Caring for 90 Years
Spokane's First Residential Funeral Home
By Patti Redd
Maestro at the Keyboard
The Dave Yost Band, 1960s
By Patti Redd
Buttons, Buttons, Who Has The Buttons?
City of the Sun Button Club, 1956
By Steven L. Whiteside
Life at Spokane College
History of Spokane College, 1930s
By Jeffry Sims
Welcome Wagon of Spokane
Helping Newcomers Become Acquainted with the City, 1956
By Warren Schneider
The Tenth Mission: Part 2
Wartime Experience of Bonners Ferry Boy, 1940s
By A.O. (Lanny) Lannigan
Early Theatre and Vaudeville
Show Business with Biny Bonner , 1947-1954
By Patti Redd

February 2000

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Horse Power the Old Fashioned Way
How Horses Were Helpful During the Depression Era in Tonasket, 1923-1940
By Dick Johnson
Mr. Orchid Man
The Language & Sentiment of Flowers at Glenrose Nursery.
By Patti Redd
Memories of Early Days in Spokane
Spokane in the Eyes of Carl H. Trunk, 1887
By Carl H. Trunk
The Many Paths of Love
How Love Was In the Spokane Air, 1940
By Patti Redd
We Built A Farm
How to Build a Farm, 1954
By Gloria Nelson
See the Big Picture
Photograph Albums of Charles Libby & Son, 1800s-1972
By Patti Redd
Come Blow Your Horn
Remembering the Big Band Era, 1930s
By Don Johnson
The Tenth Mission
Wartime Experience of a Bonners Ferry Boy, 1940s
By A.O. (Lanny) Lannigan
A Fair Chance in Life
Building the Hutton Settlement by Levi and May Hutton, 1887
By Patti Redd
Old Post Falls: Peeking Back From Photographs
Memories of Post Falls, 1929-1947
By Kimberly Rice Brown

January 2000

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A Paper for A Penny and Other Tales
A Profile on Ben Miller, 1916-1940
By Ben Miller
Does Anyone Know the Words?
Music in the Good Ole' Days, 1920s
By Don Johnson
The Beginnings of Lincoln County
How Lincoln County Evolved, 1908
By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte
Location: Lincoln County
To Coeur d'Alene and Bust
Remembering Coeur d'Alene, 1940s
Author: Bob Liepold
You are Cordially Invited. . .
Invitation to Attend the Third Public Hanging in the County Send Out by County Sheriff, 1899
By Patti Redd
School House Pranks from Days Gone Past
Halloween School Prank
By Marion McLellan
Racing the Toaster
The Adventures of a Child
By Lee Rogers
Starch and Stripes
Mary Chapman as a Nurse at Deaconess Hospital, 1940s-1950s
By Patti Redd
Gracious Lady
The Graciousness of Rose Wheeler Walston at Myers Falls, 1900s
By Wallace Bancom
Dog Days of Summer
Summer During World War II, 1943
By Don Johnson
Those Unforgettable Years: Memories of the 1900s
Memories of the 1900s
A Club of Friendship - The BOF Club
A Night of Dancing, Eating and Making New Friends, 1930s, 1940s.
By Patti Redd

December 1999

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I'm Coming Home. . .A Christmas To Remember
Coming Home From Japan, 1945
By Jack Rogers
Winter in the Stables
Childhood Memories of the Playfair Race Course, 1936
By Susan B. Harper
A Montana Ranch Christmas
Spending Christmas on a Montana Ranch, 1949
By Eleanor Ellis Laubach
Carrousel of Friendship
Remembering the Looff Carrousel in Natatorium Park, 1920s
By Helen Giakovmis Ray
Make a Joyful Noise
Singing in Church, 1940s
By Don Johnson
The Skies Were Alive Over Spokane
The Arrival of the Spokane Airport, 1932
A Pioneer Account of Early Day Experiences
Reminiscences of Albert S. Johnson, 1867-1950
By Jerome A. Peltier
Rotary Club of Spokane: Spokane Businessmen Unite in Early 1900s
Spokane's Rotary Club
By Patti Redd
Merry Christmas, Mr. Ryder
A Fascination for a BB Gun, 1930s
By Don Johnson

November 1999 (Sold Out)

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The Early Days of Kootenai County (1908-1920)
By Tony & Susanne Bamonte
Memories of Elegance
Working at the Davenport Hotel in 1940s
By Patti Redd
Woman's Club Launched in 1905
The Beginning of the Spokane Woman's Club in 1905
By Patti Redd
Legacy of Determination: Kootenai Style
Living Through the Great Depression Days
By Betty McLain
A Home Town Boy
A Glimpse of Bing Crosby 's Life
By Don Johnson
Growing Up in Spokane
Moving to and Living in Spokane in 1910
By Bud Vermeers
The Wisdom of Sisters
Growing Up With Two Older Sisters
By Ken Cole
Curb-Side Service With A Smile!
Working at French Cleaners in 1941
By Elmore (Pat) Gerkensmeyer Thompson
These Canaries Sang Off-Tune: Lester Patrick Brings Hockey to Spokane
The Introduction of Hockey to Spokane, 1911
By Paul Delaney

October 1999 ( Premiere Issue)

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Happiness, Hardship & Laughter
Early marriage experiences with little money in 1944.
By Leone A. Browning
Early Farmhand Job Leads to Owning Hundreds of Acres
One Good Thing Leads to Another in the 1930 in Pomeroy.
By George McPherson
Music Hath Power
Music in early America, from the 1920s through WW II
By Don Johnson
The Changeover from Horses to Tractors
Horses, Then Tractors in 1928
By Nona Hengen
Memories in the Air
Memories of 1966 by Wey Simpson at the KHQ Studio
Billy Got Her Goat
Fun During World War II era
By Ken Cole
The General Meeting
Meeting a Japanese general under unusual circumstances on Awagi Island, Japan in 1945.
By Jack Rogers
If We Didn't Have It We Used. . .
What We Used Fifty Years Ago
By Leone A. Browning