Nostalgia Rewards – FAQs

Q. How does Nostalgia Magazine benefit from my purchases?

A. Each purchase made is tracked and credited to the merchant’s website. The merchants pay a percentage of each sale (or in some cases, each click or each new member) to Nostalgia Magazine. In other words, each purchase generates operating revenue that can help Nostalgia a) publish a bi-monthly print publication that is entirely advertisement-free; b) begin to pay contributors for their work, and generally improve the overall quality of our content; and c) eventually, support more public projects of historic preservation, for example, the Historic Courtyard Gates Project at the Spokane County Courthouse.

Q. Does using Nostalgia Rewards cost me more money?

A. Using Nostalgia Rewards will help you save money in most cases. But even if you just want to buy products using Nostalgia Rewards as a starting point, and you end up paying regular prices for items that you already buy, you’ll be supporting Nostalgia Magazine’s mission.

Q. Will it make much difference? I heard that similar rewards programs don’t really benefit organizations that much.

A. Yes, using Nostalgia Rewards will make a significant difference for Nostalgia Magazine. While some rewards programs only pay .5% commission, many of our affiliate partners pay 3% or more. While this still might seem like a small amount, if we can get the Nostalgia readership redirecting even $50-$100 per month in online spending to Nostalgia Rewards, it can help us stay afloat in an otherwise perilous time for niche publishing. Plus, it gives us an alternative to selling traditional advertising. If we can make this work, we can focus more on what we do best: history and heritage.

Q. Can I get reminders to use Nostalgia Rewards so that I don’t forget about them?

A. Yes! Sign up for Nostalgia Magazine’s email newsletter, and we’ll send you notifications on special deals on a regular basis. We’ll never sell or transfer your email address to anyone else.

Can I use my existing Prime or Preferred Customer Account at these merchants?

A. Of course! Once you click on a Nostalgia Rewards merchant, go ahead and login in with your existing Prime or Member account; nothing changes. You’re on that merchant’s site as usual, and the only difference is that you start at Nostalgia Rewards, click through to your merchant of choice, and then Nostalgia Magazine receives a commission. You can use coupons, gift cards, and anything else you’d use at that merchant’s site. Just go through our site first and everyone benefits. It’s a win-win-win!

Q. Is there any personal information tracked with my purchase?

A. Never! No personal data is given to us regarding your purchases or online behavior. Nostalgia Magazine does not receive information on who bought what, only the amount of the purchase is gathered to generate the commission paid to our organization. You shop with complete privacy.

Q. Is my credit card number being kept by your company?

A. Nostalgia Magazine has never, and will never, store credit card information on our website or in any other location. We don’t even store credit card information for subscription renewals.

Q. Can I tell other people about this?

A. We would be so grateful to you if you would. Please tell your friends and family about Nostalgia Rewards, and the great deals you’ll find. Please also tell people about Nostalgia Magazine and our ageless stories and ageless photos, published in a bi-monthly print publication. It’s our goal to continue sharing and preserving our regional culture and heritage for decades to come so that generations ahead of us will know what happened and who lived here.

Q. If I want to know more about Nostalgia Rewards and Nostalgia Magazine who can I contact?

A. Simply send an email to

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