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December 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Our Farragut Sailor Boys – By Jean Amy Adams – How Sailors Adapted a New Home

Money Laundering and Other Adventures at The Davenport Hotel – By Ken Davis – Working and Discovering at the Davenport Hotel

The Talking Telegraph Comes to the Inland Empire – By Rita Kymm Blodgett – How the Telegraph Came to the Inland Empire

Spokane’s First Lady of Commerce – By Donald R. Johnson – Thoughts on the Crescent Department Store

The Forgotten Warriors of Kaneohe – By John “Sid” Kennedy – Remembering the Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay

History Resurrected in Walla Walla’s Pioneer Pageant – By Jeffery Ives – Actors Portray the Settling of Washington Territory on Stage

Christmas Celebrations on the Red Clay Farm – By Jolene Weller Feher – Remembering Christmas During the Great Depression

In Mother’s Footsteps – By Jolene Weller Feher

A Spokane Landmark Lives On – By Marla L. Hyder – The Originality of the Cooper-George Apartment Building

Rolling Along on my Christmas Skates – By Rita Hawley Cencich – The Memories Evoked by Roller Skates

Celebrating a Centennial of Methodist Ministry in Edwall – By Joan Moos – History of Edwall’s Methodist Church

Two Lives, One Moment in History, Two Destinies – By Clay Nelson – The Lives of Levi Hutton and Harry Orchard

Depression Days In North Idaho – By Harriet M. Adams – Living Depressed Days in Coeur d’Alene

I Remember When the Snow Was So Deep – By Charles “Mike” Hansen, Sid Kennedy, Ray O’Keefe – Memories of Snow

Historic Homes: The Fotheringham Homes – By Nancy Gale Compau



November 2002 – $5.95 per copy



The Life and Times of May Arkwright Hutton – By Dr. Debra E. Lis – History of May Arkwright Hutton

Getting Out the Vote – By Marilyn M. Wagenius – The Significance of Voting

“Pure Guts”: Surviving 1219 Days as a POW – By Ernest Tarter – Surviving a Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camp

The Waitsburg Story – By Bettie Lloyd Chase – History of Waitsburg

The “True” Story of the First Fifty Years – History of True’s Oil Company

Spokane’s Sweetheart Meets a Tragic End – By Marla L. Hyder – Early Morning Horse Ride Ended Wheeler Bonner’s Life

Gonzaga vs. WSC: The Game for Life – By Patrick Higgins – The Unexpected Gonzaga Win

The Day the Stock Market Crashed – By Marla L. Hyder – The Crashing of the Stock Market

From Civil War Colonel to Civil Philanthropist: David P. Jenkins – By Marla L. Hyder – A Story of a Well-Rounded Man: David P. Jenkins

Going to Town – By Dusty Niendam – Memories of Growing Up Outside Jerome, Idaho

A City Galvanized by Aluminum – By Rita Kymm Blodgett – History of Kaiser Aluminum

Henry J. Kaiser: A Happy Elephant – By Rita Kymm Blodgett – The Success of Henry J. Kaiser

Lost Liberty Park – By Sally Reynolds – The Discovery of Liberty Park

I Remember When I Pulled a Funny Childhood Prank – By Gerald Stiller, Rev. Don Meekhof, Cora Oliver, Bill Davison & Sid Kennedy – Memories of Childhood Pranks

Historic Homes: Carson/Clemmer/Larrabee Home – By Nancy Gale Compau



October 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Lumberjacks of Yesteryear – By Lee Carpenter Jr. – History of Lumberjacks Working Along St. Joe River

Stepping Back in Time to Steptoe – By Glenn Leitz – History Colonial Steptoe and His Troops

The Long Road to Pine City – By Roy Smith – The Travels of Andrew Jackson Smith

How Two Pioneer Families Became One – By Kay Minnick Carrick – A Story of Two Soul Mates

Gypsies, Groceries, and Growing Up In Pine City – By Violet Smith Wolff – Granddaughter Recalls Grandfathers Effects on Town

Experiencing the Depths of Darkness in an Idaho Mine – By Bob Reilly – A Day in the Eyes of a Miner

Banking on One Hundred Years of History at Washington Trust – By Ed Clark – The Success of Washington Trust

Antoine Plante: Mountain Man, Miner, Guide & Ferryman – By Jerome Peltier – A Glimpse Into the Life of Antoine Plante

The Night the Glenrose School Burned Down – By Bill Davison and Carl Bernson – Watching the Glenrose School Burn Down in 1936.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church: A Sanctuary for a Century – By Ann Colford – History of St. Ann’s Catholic Church

Red’s Kids: Dancing Through the Years with the Silver Spurs – By Marla L. Hyder – Teenagers Entertain Themselves By Dancing

Silver Spurs Taught More Than Dancing – By Artye L. (Smith) Scott – Mentor Taught Teenagers Lessons Beyond Dancing

Historic Homes: The Mathieu Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

I Remember When I Went to My First Fair – By Hilda MacArthur, Laverne Meekhof, Dori Elias & Don Johnson – First Fair Memories



September 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Rebel With a Cause: Marie Frances Young Woolcott – By Rae Anna Victor – Story of a Liberated Women

Growing Up as a “Dam Kid” – By Calvin Weimer – Working on the Grand Coulee Dam

Surviving Grand Coulee Dam – By Charlotte Freet-Northam – The Dangers of Working on the Grand Coulee Dam

Mammoth Finds – By Glenn Leitz – History of Mammoths in Hangman Creek.

Now for the Rest of the Story. . .Clearing Up a WWI Mystery – By John S. Kennedy – John Carl’s Life Before and After World War I

When Burgan’s Was More Than Furniture – By Marla L. Hyder – How the Burgan Furniture Store Evolved

Our Caveman, Olie – By Dusty Niendam – Investigation of a Hidden Cave

Gimmicks, Ragamuffins, and Busy Times at the Davenport Hotel – From a conversation with James Hamilton LaFar – A Glimpse Into the Davenport Hotel

A Fair to Remember: 116 Years of the Spokane Interstate Fair – By Marla L. Hyder – Memories of the Spokane Interstate Fair

Living at the Lake – By Marilyn Wagenius – Living on a Twin Lake

Historic Homes: The Huetter Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

A Case of Mistaken Identity – By Daniel Gore – Story of a Spokane Criminal

Happy Years in the Melrose Grocery – By Ila Granlund – Growing Up in the Melrose Grocery Store



August 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Music Maestro – By Donald R. Johnson – The Story of Musician, Russ Andre

The “Wright” Street to Live On – By Florence Wurtz Lancaster with Agnes Wurtz Koch & Elizabeth Hartley – Memories of Living on Wright Street

Notorious Outlaw Harry Tracy Meets His Demise – articles from the Lincoln County Times – The Life of Armed Robbery Convict, Harry Tracy

Spanning a Century: A 105-Year-Old Remembers Life As It Was – By Midge Bartlson – Living Through the Entire Twentieth Century

The Wild Bunch of Washington – By Terry Wilde Spear – Walter Wilde Jr.’s Adventures of Life

Company Picnic at Natatorium Park – By Arlene Goodrich Rowles – Fun Times at Nat Park

Royal Riblet: The Man Who Reinvented the Wheel – Excerpted from Eagle’s Nest: Home and Workshop of Royal Riblet by Barbara Loste – Royal Riblet’s Improved Invention

Riblets Memories and More. . . – By Maribel Bailey Sullivan – Painting the Riblet Mansion

A Dog with a Mind of Its Own – By Bill Davison – Moving to Spokane with a Dog

It’s 100 Years for the Spokane Lutheran School – By Maynard Eash – History of the Spokane Lutheran School

Historic Homes: The Kendall Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Spokane’s Solution to Parking Garages – By Marla L. Hyder – Pigeon Hole Parking Garages


July 2002 – $5.95 per copy



The History of Moran United Methodist Church – By Ardis Zacher Storms with contributions from Sid Kennedy – Moran United Methodist Church Through the Years

Old-Time Methodist Circuit Riders – By Marla L. Hyder – Circuit Riders Bring Gospel to Their Community

My Life: Growing Up In the Kettle River Country – By Mabel Ruth Sharp Douglas Wood – Memories of the Kettle River Country

See You at “The Spot” – By Arlene Goodrich Rowles – A Place Where Teenagers Gather

Life at Spokane College – By Jeffry Sims – Reliving the Days Spent at Spokane College

The Last House on Spring Street – By Bill Davison – Memories of Glenrose House

Historic Homes: Riverside Avenue Townhouses – By Nancy Gale Compau

GR8 PL8S: Great License Plates & Their History – By Dick Riggs – A Fascination for License Plates

A Trip to Steamboat Rock and the Grand Coulee – By Don Olmsted – The Thrill of Riding a Steamboat Through Grand Coulee

The Stokes Family: Pioneers of Grand Coulee Dam – By Jean Nicholson – How the Grand Coulee Dam Pioneers Lived

Grand Coulee Cleaners – By Birdie Hensley – How Grand Coulee Cleaners Began

Steamboat Rock, The Legend of the Distant Hills – By Dusty Niendam

A Story About a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich – By Dick Clauss – How a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Can Survive Several Years

The History of Peanut Butter

Spokane County Casualties of World War I – researched and compiled by John R. Tuft – List of World War I Casualties



June 2002 – $5.95 per copy



A Border Town in the 1920s and 1930s – By Jeff Sims – How Kingsgate, B.C. and Eastport, Idaho Came Together

The High-Flying Exploits of Mamer-Schreck – By Leon Ross – The Success of Nick Mamer and Roy Schreck

The History of Aviation – Compiled by Monica Sullivan – Timeline of Aviation

My Newspaper Route – By David Nemitz – The Life of a Spokesman-Review Paperboy

Spokane Sorosis: Studying and Serving Since 1891 – Compiled by Joan Williams – Adventures of a Woman’s Club

History of the U.S. Flag

Chicken Every Sunday – By Donald R. Johnson – Trading a Ford V-8 for Chickens

Wilbur Re-Visited – By Lynne Peterson – Love Letters Uncover the Past of Wilber

Huckleberry-Picking Antics – By Norman Lewis – How the Lunsford Family Picked Huckleberries

Historic Homes: The Crane House – By Nancy Gale Compau

Class Action: A Night of Reunions – By James A. Nelson – Story of Reuniting

I Don’t Like You Anymore – By Winnie Moore



May 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Manito Park: The Gardens, the Zoo, the Fun – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – Getting to Know Manito Park

My First Day in Sandpoint, Idaho – By Delia Holton – Living in Sandpoint

Historic Homes: The Poe/Nelson Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Theaters of Downtown Spokane – By Carolyn Hage Nunemaker – Spokane Theatres Through the Years

Singing With Bing – By Don Eagle – Mildred Bailey’s Experiences With Bing Crosby

The Class of 1950 (A Gentle Time) – By James A. Nelson – John Rogers High School Memories

Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spokane from Eight Decades Ago – By Maynard Eash – Remembering Spokane Eight Decades Ago

Old Wagon – By Florence Boutwell – Seattle Post-Intelligencer Prizewinning Poem from the book “Spokane is a




April 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Sunday Drives Last Forever – By James A. Nelson – The Joys of Sunday Drives

Kootenai County, Idaho – By Tony and Suzanne Bamonte – The Adventures of Living in Kootenai County, Idaho

Historic Homes: The “House of Tomorrow” – By Nancy Gale Compau – The French Chateau Home

Spokane Falls & Northern Railway Photographs – By Eppe Bosch – Story of the Missing Glass Photo Plates

He Lit Up The Town with a Jack-Knife – By Louise Alger – Charles Geib Lit Up Spokane with His Jack-Knife

Up Ruby Creek – By Cora Oliver – History of Ruby Creek, Idaho

Springtime When I Was a Child – By Pauline Kask – Why Wearing Long Underwear Was Horrible

Growing Up on a Ranch in Tonasket – By Donald R. Johnson – Growing Up on a Ranch




March 2002 – $5.95 per copy



American Sign and Indicator – By Luke G. Williams – The Life of Luke G. Williams

Spreading the Vine of First Nazarene for 100 Years – By Rev. James Tapley – Finding the First Church of Nazarene

Georgetown School District #3 – By Grant Lundin – History of Georgetown School District

The Missing Glass Photo Plates – By Eppe Bosch – Photo Collection of the Construction of Spokane Falls and Northern Railroad Company

Chow! Chow! Falls City Pickle Works: Bringing Condiments to Spokane – By Rebecca Anne Harmon – How Condiments Were Brought to Spokane

The Waterdog Shack – By James A. Nelson – The Waterdog Shack Helps Fishermen

Historic Homes: The Franklin House – By Nancy Gale Compau

The Town of “Old Metaline” in the Late 1800s – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – History of Metaline

A Family Treasure – By James A. Nelson



February 2002 – $5.95 per copy



The Davenport Family – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – History of the Davenport Family

Anna Stratton Browne: A Victorian Enigma, Part II – By Jean Amy Adams – History of Anna Stratton Browne

Historic Homes: The Glover/Richards Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

The Teacher Who Made A Difference – By James A. Nelson – Remembering An Inspirational Teacher: Miss Rapp

Bonnie Lake: A Wild West Setting in the Northern Palouse – By Glen Leitz – What Bonnie Lake Was Like in the 1920s

History of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Spokane – By Milt Rowland – The Lives of Spokane’s Electrical Workers

Life in the Kettle River Gold Mining Co. Era – By Miriam R. Hauer – How Urbe Hauer Invested in a Gold Mine

After Pearl Harbor: A Colville Soldier Remembers – By Dale Walston – Experiencing Pearl Harbor Through the Eyes of a Soldier

A Place In The Sun – By James A. Nelson – Poem About Sun



January 2002 – $5.95 per copy



Long Held Myths & Misconceptions About Davenport Hotel – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – Myths and Truths About Davenport Hotel

Anna Stratton Browne-A Victorian Enigma, 1855-1936 – By Jean Amy Adams – History of Anna Stratton Browne

Salvation Army Building: Soap, Soup and Salvation – By Linda Yeomans – Historical Notes on the Salvation Army in Spokane

Historic Homes: Blanding’s Dream House – By Nancy Gale Compau

St. Anne’s Children’s Home: The House of Hope – By Marybeth Rickel – How An Organization Answers a Variety of Needs

Serving Spokane for a Century: Watts Wheel and Automotive Service – By Rebecca Anne Harmon – How Watts Wheel and Automotive Service Served Spokane

The Piano Lady – By James A. Nelson – How the Piano Lady Filled J.J. Newberry’s Dime Store With the Sound of


Window Washing at the Paulsen – By John E. Andrew – How John Andrew Washed Windows on the Paulsen Building

Redecorating – By Ruth Leventon



December 2001 – $5.95 per copy



Christmas 1929 – By Pauline C. Kask – Buying Christmas Presents for the Family

He Owes Russia $1200 but. . .I Owe Bob Hope $9.00 – By Don Eagle – How Don Eagle Played at the Bob Hope Show

Putting the Finger on Hope – By Dan W. Eagle – Making a Record with Bob Hope

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – By James A. Nelson – Traveling During Christmas

J.J. Browne – By Rebecca Anne Harmon – The Life of J.J. Browne

Spanning the Spokane River in Steel – By Marla Meekhof – Getting the Trains Across the Spokane River Falls

To The Chicago World’s Fair In A Reefer-There’s No Trip That Could Be Cheaper – Story told by Dan W. Eagle – Traveling to the World Fair

Up Deadman Creek in the 1940s – By Miriam Rowell Hauer – What Deadman Creek Was Like in the 1940s

Historic Homes: The Hart Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

The Expensive Tree – By Arlene Goodrich Rowles – Waiting Until the Last Minute To Get a Christmas Tree

Making “Connecticut Yankee” With Bing – By Don Eagle – Singing with Bing Crosby



November 2001 – $5.95 per copy



Buttercups to Myrtle Gaylord – By Marla Meekhof – How Myrtle Gaylord Succeeded in the Field of Journalism

Friday Musical Club Notes – By Marla Meekhof – How the Musical Club Fostered and Perpetuated Knowledge In Music

Racing Fire and Wind – By Alfred Clark Benton – How Alfred Clark Benton Fought a Fire in Pine Creek in 1931.

The Home 1890 – By Hughena House – A Home Away From Home For Children

Historic Homes: The Codd Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

The Wide World Impinges on Spokane – By William Stimson – Life in Spokane During World War II

Inside an Internment Camp – By Ed Tsutakawa – Being a Japanese-American During the Attack On Pearl Harbor

Women’s Voices: Echoes from World War II – By Marybeth Rickel – A Women’s Perspective on World War II

Memories From the Home Front – By Hilda MacArthur – Living Through World War I

A Hero’s Choice – By Rebecca Anne Harmon – Lieutenant Charles Gumm’s Life of Flying

The Sharecroppers of Hangman Valley Golf Course – By Larry & Gary Owens – The Story of Twin Boys Working on a Ranch

My Grandpa – By Jasmine Lefler



October 2001 – $5.95 per copy



When Grandmother Came to Spokane Falls – By Vivienne Ludwigson – The Life of Mary Jane Magie

Taking The Train to School 75 Years Ago – By Maynard Eash – Traveling to School On a Train

Teacher Meets Bully on the Oregon Trail – By Charles A. Chandler – Story on Becoming a Teacher

What a Wedding Day! – By Jan Kendrick – A Wedding Disaster

“A Paean to the Peons” of Spokane Civic Theatre – By Marla Meekhof – How Dorothy Darby Smith Starred at the Spokane Civic Theatre

Wake Up the Hired Man – By Harry E. Riverside – A Story About Farm Workers

Breadman Burch – By Burchard Krebs – Driving Bakery Delivery Trucks In Spokane

Historic Homes: The Tull Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

The Sagle Baseball Team – By Ray Chapman – Story of a Town Baseball Team

Hidden Valley – By Clair Lundin – History of Hidden Valley

The City That Grabbed My Heart – By Ken Brown – Falling in Love With Spokane

Spokane’s Only Medal of Honor Winner – By Marla Meekhof – Bruce Alan Grandstaff: Only Person From Spokane To Be Awarded the Medal of Honor

Folding Clean Clothes – By Jolene Weller Feher



September 2001 – $5.95 per copy



A Diary of Knox Presbyterian Church – By Tom Tiffany – History of Knox Presbyterian Church; origin of Fathers Day

A War Bride Comes to Spokane – By Judy Palpant – A Knox Presbyterian Church Vignette

Mary’s Romance – By Judy Palpant – A Knox Presbyterian Church Vignette

My Grandfather and the Western Bottling Company – By Leona Garcea August – Diary of the Western Bottling Company

Historic Homes: The Bode Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Spokane’s Genuine Looff Carousel – By Marla Meekhof – History of the Looff Carousel

Riding the Carousel – By Harriet Harkey-Dahl – Memories of the Carousel

Elmer Carrico and His Carousel – By Peggy L. Cunningham – Elmer Carrico’s Memories of the Carousel

The Lewis & Clark High School Tradition – By Marla Meekhof – The Different Traditions of Lewis & Clark High School

The Schoolmarm of Paradise School – By Berniece (Kassens) Lundin – Diary of Paradise School’s Schoolmarm

Liberty Lake: From Settlement to City – By Ronald J. Wilson – Suppressing Indian Resistance at Liberty Lake

Our Autumn Garden – By Jolene Weller Feher



August 2001 – $5.95 per copy



Gathering of the Clan – By Cora Oliver – A Family Get Together

Paddy, My Sister’s Amazing Horse – By Forrest Miller – Paddy, The Pet Horse

The Hind Catcher – By Dorothy Nelson – Story of a Schoolyard’s Baseball Diamond

Historic Homes: The Gander Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Quaking in Spokane – By Marla Meekhof – Spokane’s Earthquakes Through Time

Peaceful Post Falls – By Carol Perkins Smith – A Look Into Post Falls

Wandermere Golf Course: “Spokane’s Year ‘Round Playground” – By Marla Meekhof – Playing on Wandermere’s Golf Course

Threshing in the Good Old Days – By Donald R. Johnson – Being Involved in the Grain Harvest in the Okanogan Valley in the 1930s.

A View of North Idaho from the Tracks – By Stanley Johnson – The Track’s Perspective of North Idaho

The Railroad Years, From a Woman’s Perspective – By Mary Walker – Viewing the Railroad Through a Woman’s Eyes

The Fiddling Twins – By Grant Lundin – The Lives of Fiddling Twins

My First Fiddle – By Clair Lundin – Memories of the Fiddle

Blasting the Swimming Hole – By Grandpa Dale Brown – Saying Goodbye to the Swimming Hole



July 2001 – $5.95 per copy



My Mother, The Entrepreneur – By Pauline Kask – Working During the Great Depression

The Day Mr. Roosevelt Came to Visit – By Frances Long Campbell – President Teddy Roosevelt’s Visit to Spokane in 1911

Historic Homes: The Abercrombie Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Spokane’s Famous Aviator, Nick Mamer – By Marla Meekhof – The Story of Nick Mamer

Flying with Roy Shreck – By Marjorie J. Coombs – The Adventures of Roy Shreck

Tomiloran – By Charlotte A. Miller – Elementary School Bullies

The Civilian Conservation Corps Invades the Inland Empire – By Robert O. Rich – History of the Civilian Conservation Corps

The CCC in Riverside State Park – By Marla Meekhof – The Civilian Conservation Corps in Spokane

Our 4th of July Bombardment – By Bill Allison – Having Fun with Fireworks

The Masonic Temple – By Judy Alling – History of the Masonic Temple

A Family in Uniform – By Jim Lyons – Family Contributions to the War

The Night of the Watermelon – By Donald R. Johnson



June 2001 – $5.95 per copy



That Wonderful Model T Ford – By Maynard Eash – How a Six-Year-Old Boy Experienced a Ford

Dodson’s Jewelers: Spokane’s Oldest Jewelry Store – By Jim Lyons – History of Dodson’s Jewelers

The Moran Prairie Country Store – By Harold Skinner – History of the Moran Prairie Country Store

“Hear the Voice of Lilacs Calling” The History of the Spokane Lilac Festival – By Marla Meekhof – The Lilac Festival Through the Years

Prospector Days of Ferry County – A Tribute to Ferry County

Historic Homes: The Bleecker Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Living on the St. Michael’s Mission – By Mary Lee Abba Gaston – Memories of St. Michael’s Mission

The Spokane Children’s Theatre – By Carmen Farley & Nancy Goodrich – History of the Children’s Theatre of Spokane

My Brother the Basement Cop – By Merle R. Craner – School Patrolman at the Wardwell Elementary School



May 2001 – $5.95 per copy



A Ritzville Landmark: Rummer’s Style Center – By Donald R. Johnson – Providing the Community with Quality Shoes, Clothing and Service

Time Marches on in the Great Northern Clock Tower – By Loretta March Brown – Being the Keeper of a Huge Tower Clock

An Adventure of a Lifetime – By Art (Clarence) Swenson – A Boy Scout Trip

Historic Homes: The Horton Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Charting for the War Effort – By Charlotte A. Miller – Working at the Spokane Army Air Depot Center

Historic Chapman Lake – By Glenn Leitz – Learning About Chapman Lake

The Story of Spokane’s Union Gospel Mission – By Marla Meekhof – Bonnie Martin and Albert Arend’s Story

The Long Tendrils of the Spokane Floral Association – By Marla Meekhof – History of the Spokane Floral Association

The Blakely Gardens – By Henry B. Blakely’s Dream Garden – History of the Blakely Gardens

Recollections of Rickard Gwydir: Colville Indian Agent – Reprinted from “Recollections from the Colville Indian Agency” – How Rickard Gwydir became a Colville Indian Agent

A Boy’s Adventures in Early Spokane – By George McAllister – How a Boy Grew Up in Spokane

Lt. Archie M. Buckley: Navy Hero, WSC Quarterback – By C. James Quann – History of Lt. Archie M. Buckley



April 2001 – $5.95 per copy



The Uniting of Two Pioneer Sawmill Families – By Doris Schaub – The Story of Two Pioneer Families

The Great Northern Train Wreck of 1906 – By Marla Meekhof – The Story of the Great Northern Train Wreck at Diamond Lake

Life at the Isabella Club – By Gwen McMillen – The First Residence Club for Women by Catholic Laywomen, 1946

Historic Homes: James Clark Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

What’s In a Name: The Controversy Over the Origin of Spokane’s Name – By Marla Meekhof – Is it Spokan or Spokane?

Bike Racing in Spokane – By Bill Elston – Bicycling: The New Sport

Cataldo Catholic School and The Man Behind the Name – By Jim Lyons – The Story of Jesuit Father Joseph M. Cataldo

One Hundred Years with the Rocklyn Zion United Methodist Church – Adapted from “History of the Zion Methodist Church” – History of the Zion Methodist Church

Grandpa’s Country Store – By Evelyn Baldwin – Memories of Grandpa’s Country Store in Thornton, Washington

Giants of the Past: Priest River Logging – By Charlotte A. Miller – Logging on the Priest River

Homemade Music – By Donald R. Johnson – Growing Up With Music



March 2001 – $5.95 per copy



The Spokane Sons of Norway: Preserving a Heritage – By Debbie Dahl-Cole with John Ellingson – A Little Bit of Norway in Spokane

The Boyhood Days of Bing Crosby – By Marla Meekhof – How Bing Crosby Grew Up

Spokane’s Passion with the State B Basketball Tournament – By Bill Elston – A New Fascination: State B Basketball

The Parkview Girl’s Club – By Marjorie J. Coombs – A Home Away From Home for Business Women

Historic Homes: The Oscar Green Laberee Mansion – By Nancy Gale Compau

Washington’s Own “Orient” – By Marla Meekhof – The History of Orient, Washington

Cutting the Ice – By Dorothy Brown – How Ice Houses Chilled Food

Autobiography of Jacob J. Klein – By Jacob J. Klein – The Life of Jacob J. Klein

Ushering the Fox Theatre – By Arlene Goodrich Rowles – First Real Job: An Usherette

The Mullan Military Road from Fort Walla Walla to Plante’s Ferry – By Don Popejoy – History of the Mullan Military Road

Loffs Bay on Lake Coeur d’Alene



February 2001 – $5.95 per copy



Spokane Garry & Daniel Drumheller Settle the Drumheller Springs Area – By Marion Severud – History of Drumheller Springs

Little Journeys Around Colville – By J.C. Harrigan – Colville’s Growth and Changes Through Time

Through the Eye of the Camera: The Photographers of North Idaho – By Dorothy Dahlgren – The Styles of Different Photographers of the Region

Historic Homes: The John Dickinson Sherwood Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

A Thaw In The Big Chill: Russian Hockey Team Plays Spokane Jets – By Paul Delaney – Hockey in Spokane

Horse Racing in Spokane – By Gwen McMillen – History of Horse Racing in Spokane

The Shack Restaurant – By Jim Lyons – History of the Shack Restaurant

Memories of Idaho’s “Dad” Roberts – By Robert Bunting – A Man Who Lived with Nature

Spokane High School Graduates: The Winter Class of 1900 – Graduating in 1900

Bob’s Secret Chili Recipe – By Byron King – Discovering Bob’s Secret Chili Recipe

Ride’em Cow (boy) – By Donald R. Johnson – Living the Dairy Life



January 2001 – $5.95 per copy



The Streetcar Strike of 1934 – By Pauline C. Kask – Living Through the Streetcar Strike of 1934

Wallace Gamble: Photographs and Memories of a Spokane Taxi Driver – By Jim Lyons – The Photographs of Taxi Driver, Wallace Gamble

When the Telephone Wires Were On the Fence Posts – By Glenn Leitz – The Beginnings of Early Day Telephone Service

Ben Garnett’s Miracle Mile – By Maynard Eash – How Ben Garnett Designed Garnett Way

Spokane’s Magnificent Fox – By Marla Meekhof – History of the Fox Theatre

The Spokane Fire of 1889 – By Jim Lyons

Mount Saint Michael’s Mission – By Marla Meekhof – History of Mount Saint Michael’s Mission

Historic Homes: The Charles P. Robbins Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

A Tiny Schoolroom Didn’t Mean a Tiny Education at Orchard Prairie School – By Dorothy Durheim – Education at the Orchard Prairie School

Absent Without Leave – By Donald R. Johnson – Playing Hooky

Flashes of What Was – By Winnie Moore




December 2000 – $5.95 per copy



His Magic Lives On – By Dorothy Fredericks – Having a Dad as a Magician

His Round Barn Still Stands – By Esther (Leonard) Hibbs – How A Barn Helped Support a Family in Latah, Washington

Spokane Flies High Atop the National Air Races – By Marla Meekhof – How It Feels to Fly Over Spokane, 1927

“Meet Me Under the Clock” at the Crescent Department Store – By Marla Meekhof – History of the Crescent Department Store

The First and Only Air-to-Ground Refueling – By Dan Eagle – Driving Nonstop to Wenatchee

Discovering Finch Arboretum – By Melissa Madsen – How Finch Arboretum Evolved

The First Woman Bank Teller – By Dorothy E. Brown – How Mamie Cameron Made History

Historic Homes: The Patrick S. Byrne Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Hart and Dilatush: Filling Spokane’s Prescriptions Since 1918 – By Jim Lyons – How Prescriptions Were Delivered

One-Room Schools – By Faith McClenny – Learning in a One-Room School

The Houses That Jack Built – By Dick Kinzer – Working in the Construction Industry



November 2000 – $5.95 per copy



The Mother of Presbyterianism in Spokane: The First 75 Years – By Marla Meekhof – History of the First Presbyterian Church in Spokane

Fairchild Air Force Base: A Historic Perspective – By Jim Lyons – History of the Fairchild Air Force Base

Soaring Memories of World War II – By Jason Roberts – Remembering World War II

My First Teaching Assignment – By Don Johnson – A Teacher Relives His First Encounter with Students in Latah, Washington

Tomato-Can Golf and High Society at the Spokane Country Club – By Marla Meekhof – Playing Golf at the Spokane Country Club

A Certain Grace – By Robin Amend – Entertainment: The 3 One Armed Musicians

Historic Homes: The Waikiki Mansion – By Nancy Gale Compau

Oakesdale’s J.C. Baron Flour Mill: A Family Tradition – By Jon Hansen – History of Oakesdale, Washington’s J.C. Baron Flour Mill

Creating the WSU Cougar-Head Monogram – By Randall Johnson – The Creation of the Cougar Logo

The Great Rosalia Bank Robbery of 1935 – By Jim Lyons, Roy Brown & Dick Ellis – How the Rosalia Bank Was Robbed



October 2000 – $5.95 per copy



A Toast to the B. Schade Brewing Company – By Melissa Madsen – History of the B. Schade Brewing Company, 1881-1957

Professional Baseball Comes to Spokane – By Bill Elston – Introducing Spokane to Baseball

WWII Boyhood Memories – By Don Johnson – Remembering WWII

Mother Joseph: Sacred Heart of the Pacific Northwest – By Jim Lyons – The Story of Mother Joseph and Building Sacred Heart Hospital

Looking Back 50 Years at Nursing – By Margaret K. Grafmiller – How Nursing Was Different 50 Years Ago

Coming Home to the Academy Retirement Community – By Marla Meekhof – Holy Names Academy becomes The Academy Retirement Community.

The Legend of Wild Willie Willey – By Jon Hansen – The Nature Man

Historic Homes: Cannon’s Mansion – By Nancy Gale Compau – A.M. Cannon’s Mansion

The First Days of Camp Sweyolakan – By Dorothy Brown – Remembering Camp Sweyolakan

A Heady Road to a Remote Country Schoolhouse – By Dorothy Fredericks – How a Young Girl Became a Teacher

An Athletic Event – By Florence Keller – First College Football Game Experience



September 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Historic Homes: Austin Corbin II Home – By Nancy Gale Compau – Neoclassical-style Home

Whitworth Wins a National Baseball Title in 1960 – By Bill Elston – Whitworth College’s Baseball Victory of 1960

To the Beat of the Drum – By Virginia Dempsey Woods – How the Drumming Band was Created

Flying My Flight Plan – By Ann Yeend – Experience of Airplane Pilot Ann Stewart Yeend, 1944

Steptoe’s Revenge – By Chris Dabolt – Colonel Steptoe’s Story of Revenge, 1893

Remembering the Fragrance of Freshly Mown Hay – By Luella Dow – The Scent of Freshly Mown Hay, 1930s

The Palouse Wheat Harvest – By Nancy M. Prevost – History of the Palouse Wheat Harvest

“I Gotcha, Charlie I Gotcha!” – By Marshall B. Shore – The Story of Louie Sam in Latah, Washington

Living Atop a Mountain – By Bob Liepold – Fire Lookout on Frost Point Mountain

How Fort George Wright Got Its Name – By Jon Hansen – The Origins of Fort George Wright’s Name

The Buffalo Soldiers of Spokane – By Jon Hansen – History of Fort George Wright

The History of Nine Mile Falls – By Benita Mason – Nine Mile Falls, Washington



August 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Historic Homes: The Henry J. Kaiser Home – By Nancy Gale Compau – The Henry J. Kaiser Home

The Historic Clark House on Hayden Lake, Idaho – By Suzanne & Tony Bamonte – History of the Clark House

Lewis and Winifred Clark – By Monty Danner – Biography of F. Lewis and Winifred Clark

Painting Spokane – By John W. Lawton – Early Pioneer Families, Lawton and Bump

Spokane’s Natatorium Trolley Park – By Karen Patton DeSeve – Experiencing Natatorium Trolley Park

Mrs. Kline Brought the Sandwiches – By Cora Oliver – Making Sandwiches for Social Gatherings, 1912

A Tour of the Early Day in Wallace, Idaho – By Suzanne & Tony Bamonte – History of Wallace, Idaho

Glory Days of the Riverboats on the Pend Oreille River – By Faith McClenny – Experiencing Riverboats

Gonzaga University and University of Idaho Share the 1950 NCAA Boxing Title – By Bill Elston – Boxing Between Gonzaga University and University of Idaho



July 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Bud Ward, Spokane’s First National Golf Champion – By Bill Elston – Bud Ward’s Story, 1930s

Shriners Shine Through Centuries of Secrecy – By Jack Poole – Principal Activities of Masons Through the Decades

The Tenacious Town of Hunters – By Dianne Eppler – History of Hunters, Washington.

The Quilt Circle – By Eleanor Ellis Laubach – Mathilda Anderson’s Desire for Fashion

Historic Homes: The Louis Davenport/ Richard Porter Home – By Nancy Gale Compau

Vacationing at Priest Lake, ID – By Lucille Coates McMillan – Fun Times at Priest Lake, Idaho, 1920s

Mullan, Idaho: Celebrating the Fourth of July – By Evelyn Keppner Smith – Fourth of July Celebration in Mullan, Idaho, 1905

Wreck of the “S” Bridge on the Northern Pacific Railroad – from the Idaho State Tribune – The Northern Pacific Railroad bridge between Mullan, Idaho and Lookout Pass, Idaho

The Davenport Hotel – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – Learning About the Davenport Hotel

Proud to Serve – By Don Johnson – Jack Johnson’s War Experiences

Marguerite Motie: The First “Miss Spokane” – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – How Marguerite Motie Became “Miss Spokane”, 1912

The Alleged Theft of the Monroe Street Bridge Design – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – The Happenings of the Monroe Street Bridge Design, 1910

Family Lines – By Jim Lyons – A Lyons Family Fishing Tradition, 1956

My Home Town: Thornton, Washington – By Evelyn Baldwin – Living in Thornton, Washington, 1920s

Tom Aspend, Colville’s Colorful Barber – By Shirley Dodson, 1885 – Humoristic Barber in Colville, Washington

Little Journeys Around Colville – By the Editor of the Colville Examiner – Colville Memories

My First Love – By Audry Cowen – Why a Little Girl Loved Her Father


June 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Historic Homes – By Nancy Gale Compau – The James Monaghan Home

The Old National Building – By Richard “Dick” Hoover – History of the Old National Building

They Don’t Make Them as “TUFF” as They Used To! – By Bill Elston – Story of Carl Ellingsen sports star

The Originator of Father’s Day – By Steven L. Whiteside – How Father’s Day Evolved, 1910

The B.R. Lewis Lumber Company – By Tony Bamonte – Coeur d’Alene’s First Major Sawmill

Mysteries Surround the Death of Famous Pioneer Mill Operator Joseph Heinrich – By Glenn Leitz – A Spokane County Pioneer Mystery Story

Waterville’s Historic Hotel – By Laura Arksey – History of Waterville’s Historic Hotel

Childhood Folly – By Margaret Horchler – Being Daddy’s Girl and the Baby Sister

The Dance Lesson – By Eleanor Ellis Laubach – Remembering Freshman Year of High School, 194

A Step Through Time: The Steptoe Story – By Mrs. Nancy Cochran’s Eighth-Grade Class – History of Steptoe

James Monaghan: Profile of an Early Pioneer – By Suzanne Bamonte – James Monaghan’s Profile

The Beginnings of the Spokane Police Department – Reprinted from a 1902 brochure – How the Spokane Police Department Began

Joel Warren: Spokane’s Famous Chief of Police – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – Joel Warren’s Profile

Early Inland Northwest Serial Murders – The Beginning of Serial Murders – By Scott Crocker – The Nation’s Oldest Active Murder Case: Newport, Washington ,A Critique from Timothy Egan’s book Breaking Blue


May 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Historic Homes – by Nancy Gale Compau – Seaton/Segerstrom Home

Spokane’s Lost Garden – The Moore-Turner Garden – By Marion Severud – Discovering A Garden on Seventh Avenue

The History of Betts Oil Company – by Raymond L. “Ray” Betts – How Betts Oil Company Evolved

Once Upon a Time Gonzaga University Played Football – By Bill Elston – How Gonzaga University Once Played Football, 1920s

The Newspapers of Spokane – By Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – How Spokane Newspapers Evolved

Sacred Heart School of Nursing: A Home Away From Home – By Eleanore McKenna – The Comforts of Sacred Heart School of Nursing, 1940s

Rootless in Spokane – By Marji C. Lyvers – Finding the Roots of Spokane, 1936

Okanogan to Seattle in 1918 – By Laura Arksey – The Okanogan to Seattle Road Trip

Northwestern Business College – Photos Courtesy Thelma Shriner – Photos of Northwestern Business College, 1943

Sweet Peas for Polly – By Robert Bunting – Admiring Polly Bemis, A Chinese Lady, 1933

Early Days of Freeman, Washington – By Layton Baldwin – Remembering Freeman, WA, 1937

The Metaline Extension of “The Blackwell Road” – By Eva Gayle Six – Why the Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad Was Called the “Blackwell Road”

The Stevens County Historical Society: From 1903 to 2000 – By Marian Garvey – Stevens County Historical Society, 1903-2000

Peaceful Valley – By Nancy Gale Compau – Written Documentation of Peaceful Valley

Murder in Peaceful Valley – By Warren Schneider – How the Murder of Peaceful Valley Happened, July 8, 1893


April 2000 – SOLD OUT


From Miss Spokane to Miss America Pageant – by Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – The Story of Laura Eva King: Miss Spokane 1927

The National Parks Highway Tour of 1916 – by Laura Arksey – Driving the Highways of 1916

Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse – Staff Writer – Establishing Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse, 1928

Going Slow & Smelling the Sagebrush – by Don Johnson – Driving During the 1930s

Historic Homes – by Nancy Gale Compau – Burgess L. Gordon’s Home

The Early Days of Cheney – by Clara G. Dennis – History of Cheney, Washington

Sixteen Cords of Education – by Al Jack Dymond – Keeping Young Boys Busy Chopping Firewood

The Invention of the Telephone and Its Introduction to the Inland Northwest – by Dean Ladd – The Effects of the Telephone to the Inland Northwest

For Gram With Love – by Yvonne H. Beldin – A Love Story for Grandma, 1939

The Arthur Jones Company – by Tony Bamonte – Founder of Spokane’s Oldest Real Estate Company

The Great Wandermere Ski-Jump – by Jeffry Sims – Spokane’s Ski Tournament, 1934

The Spokane Symphony – by Anne Anderson – Looking Into the Spokane Symphony, 1945-2000

From Calaboose to High Rise: Jails of Spokane – by J.M. Moynahan – Spokane’s Jails, 1881-1919

Growing Up in Stevens County – by Ray O’Keefe – Learning About Stevens County, 1930

The First Murder in Spokane Police Ranks – by Mary E. Parker – Spokane’s First Police Officer Death


March 2000 – SOLD OUT


Spokane Club: Through the Looking Glass of Change – by Patti Redd – History of the Spokane Club

The Pigeon Caper – By Marjie C. Livers – Catching Pigeons under the Monroe Street Bridge, 1936

Where the Hunt Begins – by Cora Oliver – Working in the Springdale Coffee Shop & Hotel During Hunting Season, 1949

Hazen & Jaeger: Gracious Caring for 90 Years – by Patti Redd – Spokane’s First Residential Funeral Home


Maestro at the Keyboard – by Patti Redd – The Dave Yost Band, 1960s

Buttons, Buttons, Who Has The Buttons? – by Steven L. Whiteside – City of the Sun Button Club, 1956

Life at Spokane College – by Jeffry Sims – History of Spokane College, 1930s

Welcome Wagon of Spokane – by Warren Schneider – Helping Newcomers Become Acquainted with the City, 1956

The Tenth Mission: Part 2 – by A.O. (Lanny) Lannigan – Wartime Experience of Bonners Ferry Boy, 1940s

Early Theatre and Vaudeville – by Patti Redd – Show Business with Biny Bonner , 1947-1954


February 2000 – $5.95 per copy



Horse Power the Old Fashioned Way – by Dick Johnson – How Horses Were Helpful During the Depression Era in Tonasket, 1923-1940

Mr. Orchid Man – by Patti Redd – The Language & Sentiment of Flowers at Glenrose Nursery.

Memories of Early Days in Spokane – by Carl H. Trunk – Spokane in the Eyes of Carl H. Trunk, 1887

The Many Paths of Love – by Patti Redd – How Love Was In the Spokane Air, 1940

We Built A Farm – by Gloria Nelson – How to Build a Farm, 1954

See the Big Picture – by Patti Redd – Photograph Albums of Charles Libby & Son, 1800s-1972

Come Blow Your Horn – by Don Johnson – Remembering the Big Band Era, 1930s

The Tenth Mission – by A.O. (Lanny) Lannigan – Wartime Experience of a Bonners Ferry Boy, 1940s

A Fair Chance in Life – by Patti Redd – Building the Hutton Settlement by Levi and May Hutton, 1887

Old Post Falls: Peeking Back From Photographs – by Kimberly Rice Brown – Memories of Post Falls, 1929-1947


January 2000 – $5.95 per copy



A Paper for A Penny and Other Tales – by Ben Miller – A Profile on Ben Miller, 1916-1940

Does Anyone Know the Words? – by Don Johnson – Music in the Good Ole’ Days, 1920s

The Beginnings of Lincoln County – by Tony & Suzanne Bamonte – How Lincoln County Evolved, 1908

To Coeur d’Alene and Bust – by Bob Liepold – Remembering Coeur d’Alene, 1940s

You are Cordially Invited – by Patti Redd – Invitation to Attend the Third Public Hanging in the County Send Out by County Sheriff, 1899

School House Pranks from Days Gone Past – by Marion McLellan – A story of a Halloween school prank

Racing the Toaster – by Lee Rogers – The Adventures of a Child

Starch and Stripes – by Patti Redd – Mary Chapman as a Nurse at Deaconess Hospital, 1940s-1950s

Gracious Lady – by Wallace Bancom – The Graciousness of Rose Wheeler Walston at Myers Falls, 1900s

Dog Days of Summer – by Don Johnson – Summer During World War II, 1943

A Club of Friendship: The BOF Club – by Patti Redd – A Night of Dancing, Eating and Making New Friends, 1930s, 1940s.



December 1999 – SOLD OUT


I’m Coming Home! A Christmas To Remember – by Jack Rogers – A story about coming home from Japan, 1945, in time for Christmas.

Winter in the Stables – by Susan B. Harper – Childhood Memories of the Playfair Race Course, 1936

A Montana Ranch Christmas – by Eleanor Ellis Laubach – Spending Christmas on a Montana Ranch, 1949

Carrousel of Friendship – by Helen Giakovmis Ray – Remembering the Looff Carrousel in Natatorium Park, 1920s

Make a Joyful Noise – by Don Johnson – Singing in Church, 1940s

The Skies Were Alive Over Spokane – by Jerome A. Peltier – A pioneer account of early day experiences, reminiscences of Albert S. Johnson, 1867-1950

Rotary Club of Spokane: Spokane Businessmen Unite in Early 1900s – by Patti Redd – Spokane’s Rotary Club

Merry Christmas, Mr. Ryder – by Don Johnson – A fascination for a BB Gun, 1930s



November 1999 – SOLD OUT


The Early Days of Kootenai County (1908-1920) – by Tony & Suzanne Bamonte

Memories of Elegance – by Patti Redd – A story about working at the Davenport Hotel in 1940s.

Woman’s Club Launched in 1905 – by Patti Redd – How the Spokane Woman’s Club became part of Spokane’s social and cultural landscape.

Legacy of Determination: Kootenai Style – by Betty McLain – Living through the Great Depression in Idaho

A Home Town Boy – by Don Johnson – A glimpse of the life of Spokane’s most famous person, Bing Crosby.

Growing Up in Spokane – by Bud Vermeers – Moving to and living in Spokane in 1910.

The Wisdom of Sisters – by Ken Cole – A tale of growing up with two older sisters.

Curb-Side Service With A Smile! – by Elmore (Pat) Gerkensmeyer Thompson – Working at French cleaners in 1941.

These Canaries Sang Off-Tune: Lester Patrick Brings Hockey to Spokane – by Paul Delaney – An introduction to the history of Spokane’s organized hockey, and how it came here in 1911.


October 1999 – our inaugural issue! SOLD OUT


“Happiness, Hardship, & Laughter” – by Leone A. Browning – A story about married life with little money in 1944.

Early Farmhand Job Leads to Owning Hundreds of Acres – by George McPherson – One Good Thing Leads to Another in the 1930s in Pomeroy, WA.

Music Hath Power – by Don Johnson – Music in early America, from the 1920s through World War II.

Changeover on the Farm – by Nona Hengen – Horses, Then Tractors, in 1928.

Memories in the Air – by Patti Redd – The memories of Wey Simpson in 1966 at the KHQ Studio.

Billy Got Her Goat – by Ken Cole – A story of fun During World War II era.

The General Meeting – by Jack Rogers – Meeting a Japanese general under unusual circumstances on Awagi Island, Japan in 1945.